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al-Safiriyya - السافريّة : المرحوم الحج عبد الرحم ذياب مصلح - ابو احمد
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al-Safiriyya - السافريّة : المرحوم الحج عبد الرحم ذياب مصلح - ابو احمد

Posted by Khokh Uploaded on April 13, 2008
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Posted by عبدالهادي عبدالرحمن مصلح on February 16, 2010 #103844

الدعاء للمغفور له بأذن الله المرحوم الحاج عبدالرحمن ذياب مصلح اللهم اعفو عنه اللهم اغفر له الهم زد في حسناته وتجاوز عن سيئاته الهم ادخل على قبره النور و الفسحة والسرور اللهم ادخله جنات النعيم مع الانبياء والشهداء و الابرار امييييييييييين يا رب العالمين
Posted by ahmad musa abed alrhman musleh on January 4, 2010 #99906

my grandfather. thnx sufian
Posted by sufian Musleh on October 12, 2008 #54486

This is me Sufian Mahmoud Abed Alrhamn Musleh al haj Abed my grand father and he was one of key persons in our home town, he had 9 children and worked in trading , he died aging 72 years in Shebteen - west bank 1951
And i do appreciated for all people who participation in this site.
Posted by musleh on August 11, 2008 #48775

this pic rference to
generous and great man and Im praideful to im his
grand-son رحمة الله عليه و
اسكنه فسيح جنانه
Posted by SAED on May 22, 2008 #39078

الله يرحمه ويتقبله فى جنات عليين this is pic for my grandfather when i saw that pic i felt palestine will come back to us soon inshallah.i will show my father this pic he will so happy when he will see it.thanks alooooooot for who put this pic here to show everyone in the world we will not forget our homeland.thanks
Posted by أحمد موسى سليمان على مصلح on May 21, 2008 #38977

الله يرحمه ويتقبله فى جنات عليين
Posted by محمد on May 19, 2008 #38643

اتمنى عودتها الى اهلها وانا واحد منهم
سياتي اليوم والجيل الذي سيحرر ارض فلسطين قريبا باذن الله
Posted by احمد محمد عبد الحميد عوض on April 22, 2008 #35510

i am ahmad awad from plastine safria yafa city ihave moch pic for all
inshalla next time i want sent all pic?