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Shaykh Muwannis Territories after and before the NAKBA
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by hanaa abueid on November 9, 2003
1. El Jamaseen El Gharbi - today ; Bavly Quarter

2. EL Shumaraat - today ; Ramat Aviv (belong to
Baydas 3abas (and others)

3.EL Najamaat - today ; Nave Avivim and the dunes till the
Sea(belong to Dahnus family)

4. El Boos Welteenat - today ; Sporteque(belong to Dahunus Rabiha)

5. El za3faranat - today ;The Israeli Trade Fairs and convention
center including Shderot Rokah,park Hayarkun,
Gane yehushu'a
( belong to Dahnus family ...)

6. El shamiye - today ; Ganei Yehoshu'a south (yarkun park)
(belong Abueid Yusuf)

8. El Ghabashiyeh - to day ; part of Ramat Hahayal(belong to Dahnus

Mahmud El jaber family)

9. El Salaleeq - today ; Tel Aviv university in stockade

10. El Bayader(musha3,communal land - today ;standard office and
school of practical engineer ...
belong to Abu Eid and others

11. El Waqff - today ; the cemetery, energy
and security service departments,
the roads net includind the square

12. Esheeleh - today ; Rokakh intercharge and the roads up to the square

13. EL MU3TARID -today ; Kukhav Hatsafon(Ramat Aviv Hotel and Kibutseem college)belong to Baydas Subhi
14. El Matalleh: north the village settlement now parth of Tel Aviv University

14. Haddar Yuusuf - today ; Hadar Yosef(belong to Dahnus Rabiha)

15 - Hadrah ; to day is Shikun Dan

16. Harduneh - today ;Botanic and zoological gardens,the israeli educational TV ,Center for educational technology,the open university...(belong to Sakijha , Rayyan, El 3abed families)

17. Maqtal El 3abd

18. NAkhleh - the dunes west of Sde Dov air port till Tel Baruch beach

19. Bwabte El Hadda Today: Nao't Afeka ??

20. Qaseeleh - south west near the Jrisheh River estuary
21. Wadi El Nada - north west . today: Affeka and Ramat Aviv Gimel.

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