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Shaykh Muwannis after occupation
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by hanaa abueid on November 15, 2003

After the village had been evacuated Jew military forces,Keren Kayemet and Tel Aviv Municipality Agents - occupied(30/3/48)the village.* Between 11.00 to 23.00 O'clock - five blocks had been posted in the village gateways; Keren Kayemet and Munucipality Agents marked the village houses ;The "Green House" were seized and turned to be a military staff ; Some written documents were found; An aged and "stupid" person (as named in military report )who was hiding in a village house - transferred to Yona Camp south of Jrisha spill. Around the village there had been found digged excavated positions with sacking sands and access channels. Some of it had tin covers . It means - as had been argued - they were planed by different persons. The village belongings lay show - there had been a sudden leaving.(1) In the Green House, for example, they had found some packed boxes of households and the rest un packed - were laid on the ground . Because Water and electricity were found - village populating were recommended .
After occupation a beautiful/particular village houses had been used as ammunition stores, dwelling, classes, logistics, garages and as a front guards standpoint. Many youngers had made their military trainings there . This may explain the fire marks on the village walls houses. After British evacuation from Palestine in 15/5/48 so called Israel Defence Force staff had been located in the Green House. Rayyan House in Mattallah became LEHI ,(Jew Liberation organization)Camp. Other looted houses had become a dwelling for 400 Air Force man power. After January 49 ؟ when military forces evacuated the village ؟ there was a new residents wave : homeless soldiers and others.
Besides, a wide neighborhood called Ramat Aviv has been built up nearby in El Shumarat Lands. Meanwhile, other more neighborhoods has been built on the village lands ; Bavly - in Jamasin El Gharbi; Ramat Aviv Gimel ؟ in Wadi El Nada; Nave Avivim and Afeka - in Wadi El Najamat; Ramat Ha Hayal - in Ghabashiya ; Hadar Yossef - in Hadar Yusuf; Now part of the village lands belong to Ramat Gan Municipality ؟ Yarkun Park(ZA'FARANAT)and (Jrisha)Sheva Tahanot. Nothing of the village Orchards - has been survived.
At the same time a big university (known as Tel Aviv university)grew from Salaliq Orchards/Lands at the beginning of 70th and began to swallow village houses; In 1980 ,it seems,Tel Aviv university has made a master plane to broaden it's Campus towards the village houses. Today, therefore, more than 90% of the village houses؟ has been destroyed(see university map ; (2) Even our deads in the village cemetery - have been un immuned of it's destroying machine.(3)
Except the River,the El A'lamin Bridge, the remaining Cemetery and some looted houses - one can hardly be familiar with .
*. According to so called ؟Israel Defence Force؟(I.D.F) Archive regarding Shaykh Muwannis Report Documents(no.2) p.262.

1. It might be that a well known Representative of Keren kayemet organization , Mushe Hochman,( who had played a role in releasing the village kidnapped personals), had informed/recommend the remaining families for urgently leaving of the village - otherwise, "they may be killed by Jew brigade" .
2. An exception have been made concerning the "Green House" of Ibrahim Abu Kheel, (which had been widely and wrongly related to Baydas family).
It has been reconstructed to become a University Staff Club - thus stimulating a public critical intresting argument concerning the house reason de etre ; It may symbolize a ؟ palestinian right to return ؟ has been argued (see my article ; ؟The Green House Argument؟).
3. It seems that the village mosque and among it Shaykh Muwannis tomb - has been destroyed a few years after occupation.

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