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Shaykh Muwannis history
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by hanaa abueid on November 15, 2003

The origin of the village name - still unkown. The word SHAYKH in arabic means aged,wise or holy man. it seems, therefore, the village had been built nearby a tomb of a holy person named MUWANNIS.

According to one text (see: IRIT AMIT from Bar Ilan University in her article "the Green House",ETMOL,January 1998) the village had been firstly mentioned in 1799 during the French invasion to Palestine. In a map made by Jacotin , French engineer, the village named EL THAHR ( that mean the back) since the village was placed up a hill back of Jrisheh River. later the name SHAYKH MUWANNIS came out .
In 1821 the village name was firstly mentioned by Bergren, a french journeyer, who had indicated the village strategic importance.

The villagers - as seems - used to brow passege rates on Jrisha River Bridge gate from passengers moving from north to south .During the Egyptian era the village had expanded. Ibrahim Pasha - the big son of Egypt ruler Muhammad Ali Pasha - had brough (to Yafa city and it's surroundings) an Egyptian workers; They settled in Shaykh Muwannis village and cultivated it's lands.
In 1917 the British forces arrived to the village borders. Turks placed forces in the village - so that they can defend the north river of British attack from south -
but after a sudden and night crossing attack the British forces had defeated the Turks .
The beginning of British era marks a new stage in village history. a process of lands registration,building permitoins ,roads safety and then ,a new ways of digging and waters irrigation - had been implemented. The increase in jew imegrations after Balfour declaration - besides of the development of Yafa city - had increased the village development.
The famous "GREEN HOUSE" of Ibrahim Abu Kheel( which has mistakely marked as Shaykh Baydas house as seen in Irit Amit,ibid ,p.15 ; and Professor Jerby , "The Green House - the buty spot of Tel Aviv University" pp.2-4,in; had expanded too and stood out of the village.

According to Irit Amit( ibid p.16) since 1912 a society of Canadian jew - had been founded ,mainly for lands aquirement in Palestine. In May 1913 - 6,000 dunams(of total 16,000 dunams - as estimated in Palestine Encyclopedia part 2 p.652 )of Shaykh Muwannis lands were suggested to representative of that society and and aquired by two jewish companies,(HACHSHARAT HAYESHUV and GEOLA ), But the aquirement was not implemented.
After the 1 world war there had been another two land companies(one was American ZIOM COMMUNITY and the next - ISRAEL KEREN KAYEMET) to be contested,that's why land priced had icreased.In 1924 ZION aquired 8,000 dunams in JLIL north of Shaykh Muwannis village. since the 20 years ,indicated, there had been lands negotiation between Shaykh Baydas and Mr. Hankin , of HACHSHARAT HAYESHUV company.
Between the years 1936-1939 Tawber, a jew family, had aquired lands in sea dunes west of the village - using Baydas brokerage influence.

Thus, in 1948 there was a jew holds around the village. In west there was the airport of Sde Dov and others, while in back of the village there were - Tel Barouch(north east)and Ramat Gan (east south) settlements. after Jamusin Village transfer (at the end of january 1948) Shaykh Muwannis village became a front border with Tel Aviv.

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