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The "Green house" history
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by hanaa abueid on December 11, 2003
The "Green House" was firstly documented by an Austeralian painter - during the British campaign against the Turkish forces in Shaykh Muwannis village in November 1917. In his portrayal the "Green House" - outstood highly on the village hill. During British era there was a significant modifications in the village.
The beginning of British era marks a new stage in village history. A process of lands registration, building permissions, roads safety and then,a new ways of digging and waters irrigation - had been implemented. The increase in jew imegrations after Balfour declaration - besides of the development of Yafa city - had increased the village development.
The famous "GREEN HOUSE" of Ibrahim Abu Kheel(which has mistakely marked as Shaykh Baydas house as seen in Irit Amit,ibid ,p.15 ; and Professor Jerby ,"The Green House - the beauty spot of Tel Aviv University" pp.2-4,in; had expanded too and stood out of the village. Were as the two highly floor has been used for dwelling the ground floor has been used for business as shops, stores and craft. In twenties two departments - were added around an internal yard opened toward the north.
After Jew occupation in 1948, when a beautiful/unique Shaykh Muwannis village houses had been used as ammunition stores, dwelling, classes, logistics, garages and as a front guards standpoint - Israel Defence Force staff had been located in the "Green House".
After January 49(when military forces evacuated the village )the Green House was occupied by a new Jew homeless residents, until the last eighties,when Mr. Mushe A'tsmon, a Tel Aviv university Architect, laid his master plan to broaden the university campus on Shaykh Muwannis village account.
In 1991 Tel Aviv University made an exceptional decision to re-construct a village looted house for it's sake. This plan,which has been made according to post modern philosophy ,realized the importance of linking present to past history - by making architectonic linkage referring to the past. According to Mr. A'tsmon it was not for reconstruction sake - as for understanding the importance of past linkage( see: Miki Banay,Shaykh Muwannis, Ashkelon,1995,pp.50-52) .For this sake the master plane aimed to reconstruct 3 of the village looted houses - including the "Green House" of Ibrahim Abu Kheel . As mentioned above this house, which has been located in the populated settlement of the village, had included 3 sections with internal yard; The western wing was unique and most decorated. Unfortunately,this wing has been destroyed - where as The eastern wing has been reconstructed to become also a university staff club (Ibid. p 54;see the "Green House" web at ;
In 1991 the "Green House" has been reconstructed - due to Mr. Gershon Gordon, a wealthy Jew, contribution.
Since then, it has been stimulating a public critical Argument(inside and out side the university) in regard to economic and moral issues .
One important critic has been recently made by Eng.Professor I.Jerby from Tel Aviv university. In his article ("the Green House - a buty spot of Tel Aviv university" pp.2-4,in: he has tried to examine Tel Aviv university total decision making policy - through it's
resolution to reconstruct the "Green House". Among things, he argued,"this house represent a wonderful architectonic creation ...scaling approach of Campus low building - that doesn't make rational account of the expensive land resource "(Ibid,p.6). The reason for this style of building seems to be the interest to own a wide territory and to set facts on the ground. For,this may explain the fact that the so called "university staff club" is not so indeed. Because most of the "Green House" activity is not for staff or university sake ,but only for out side activities. For the university ,therefore, it is important merely to have a hand hold on ,he argued .But most interesting ,in fact,his reference to Shayk Muwannis Refugees issue concerning two points; the symbol and the owner argument(ibid pp.2-3).
More detail will be followed later.


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