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Beidas Family tree. Compiled and prepared by Mustafa Adel Beidas
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on August 21, 2006


The above documents, article, interviews, movies, podcasts, or stories reflects solely the research and opinions of its authors. makes its best effort to validate its contents.

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Posted by Nael Beidas on July 9, 2019 #159635

Hi My Name Is Nael Ibrahim Mustafa Beidas
my two boys children's not been listed in the said beidas family tree KARIM & HADI

kindly could update the same
for any further clarification please feel free to contact us or 96560655511
Posted by Said Khalil Hussni Baidas on March 25, 2018 #158954

هناك اضافات على عائلة حسني بيدس، خاصة من ناحية احفاد ابنائه خليل و فوزي واسماعيل وعثمان
- سعيد خليل حسني بيدس عندي ابني يوسف
- فراس خليل حسني بيدس عنده وليد
- عمار فوزي حسني بيدس عنده:
- عبد الرحمن
- عبد العزيز
- عبد الله
- عبد الملك
- زاهر اسماعيل حسني بيدس عنده بيدس وريان
- نادر عثمان حسني بيدس عنده آدم
- نهاد ابراهيم حسني بيدس عنده محمد
فضلاً الاضافة وشكرا للمجهود العظيم لعمل هذه الشجرة
Posted by nawal said beidas on June 13, 2012 #144474

Thank you Mustafa for thid efort,my comment is to include the names of the girls.We the daughters of Said Beidas are Wijdan,Nawal,Naila,Omaima,Nihal and maha ,thank you agin
Posted by Nael Mousa Baidas on October 21, 2011 #138915

Dear Mustafa
Many thanks for this great efforts
I thing the tree needs to be updated
Thanks and regards
Posted by Shady baidas on June 17, 2010 #115631


I want to add the following :
Mohamad Haitham Baidas - Son of Shady Haitham Baidas
Mohamad Baidas - Son of Shady Haitham Baidas

Sameh Baidas - Son of Fadi Haitham Baidas
Jana Baidas - Daughter of Fadi Haitham Baidas

Thanks fo all
Posted by Ammar Baidas on August 22, 2009 #87030

Dear all,
First of all thank you, my name is Ammar son of Fawzi Hosni Baidas. I would like to add my three sons names Abdul Rahman, Abdul Aziz, Abdullah.
Posted by Nadim Majdi Beidas on April 18, 2009 #74410

Dear People of BEIDAS!!!
Im Nadim Baidas son of MAjdi Baidas... I have another brother named Saif Beidas.. kindly add him.. thank you :)
Posted by Ramzi Beidas on January 30, 2009 #65828

Dear Adel,
Thank you for the effort. I have also compiled a family tree that I have published on the web. Please contact me or give me your phone # in order that we can coordinate efforts.
My phone # is 966 50 480 7843
Ramzi Omar Saeed Beidas
Posted by MUNA BEIDAS on April 22, 2008 #35516

thatnk you amoo for your huge effort
Posted by Nael Beidas on March 28, 2008 #33016

Dear Sir
i am nael ibrahim mustafa beiads and i have 2 kids kareem & hadi i will be highly appreciated if do the needful to add the same to beidas family boys list, for any further information please feel free to contact me any time thru my mobile 00965-7000323
Posted by shady Haitham Baidas on March 17, 2008 #31936

Dear Mustafa Thanks for your Efforts But i want to add Some Names Under Haitham Hamza Baidas He Has a daughter Called Maram and Abelrahem Has A Daughter Caleed Yamam and if u can i have a Son also his Age is 1 yeas called Mhd Haitham

thanks again
Posted by A Beidas on November 28, 2007 #24299

Hello Mustafa, have you been able to work out a connection between your Beidas family from Al Sheikh Muwannis and the Nazareth-based Christian Beidas family of Khalil Beidas (and later Yousef Beidas)? Khalil Beidas was an orphan (born 1974)and the origin of the name is unknown
Posted by MOUSA BAIDAS on November 12, 2007 #23332

Posted by Fidaa Baydass on September 18, 2007 #20606

Dear Mr Mustafa,
let me start by saying thank you for your efforts in compiling and gathering the information for the beidas family.
My name is Fidaa Walid Yousef Mohammad Beidas (my name was spelled differently due the issuing of my passport)
if you dont mind, i would like to add 5 members to the family tree, first i would like to start by adding my brother Mazen's Kids, Walid and Omar. and as for me i have 3 sons Yousef and Zakaria (Twins) and Jebril the youngest. We are currently living in the states and would love to get in touch with any family members here.
Posted by Hazem Ibrahim Abukhail on June 10, 2007 #17094

Mr Mustafa. Tahnks for your efforts regarding Baydas family,I have one question for you,why you do not add names of womens also?is it shame to add?my mother Sukaina Abed Alqader Baidas was a women but she acts and behave better than her brothers ,Amen,Fares and Sameer Baydas Regards Hazem Ibrahim Abukhail
Posted by tariq on February 11, 2007 #13712

Dear Mr. Mustafa, Thank you for an amazing job and lot sof work in compiling the beidas family tree. I just wan to point your attention to the fact that there are missing big branch of Dawood Beidas which alot of family members living or used to live in Kuwait. My name for example: Tareq Samir Husni Mohammed Taha Dawood Beidas. Please contact me for further details. Regards, Tareq Beidas