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al-Shaykh Muwannis - الشيخ موّنس : Tracing All That Remains of al-Shaykh Muwannis Since Nakba
Posted by Uri Zackhem on November 24, 2006
9 min 32 sec
Uri Zackhem

Tracing All That Remains Since Nakba: Visiting al-Shaykh Muwannis

Produced and Directed by Uri Zackhem

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I was 10 years old following the atrocities committed in Der Yaseen that my mother and aunt along with my 12 year old sister and 2 younger cousins fled In a Fiat Topolino driven by a 25 year old son of friends of the family. We joined a convoy of around 25 other cars who had secured passage from Jaffa to the Jordanian borders. I still vividly recall the scary cramped and uncomfortable trip through Jordan, Syria then to Lebanon. I have very faint memories of Shaykh Mwanis. I remember running among the orange groves, and playing around a small pond in the middle of a big porch. It is too late for me to think of going back. But I am counting on my two children with my 4 grand children will.
I see that a cousin of mine Nawal Beidas has already posted her comments in 2008.
This is the first video I could have figure out or see in the whole of my life leaving after all got exploited from their land of origin. It is so strange feeling to look into a spot where do you belong and on the other side not having the rights to live there !! Days will be fair one day.
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
I am one of th beidas family from al shaykh muwannis, I was 11 years old when we lef in 1948 . I have memories there ,inshallah onday wll will be back wih our children an grand children,wenever give up we'll keep our strugel untill we get it back
thx uri... i hope if you make a full video to Shaykh Muwannis.
i beleive that one day we are coming back to our land..Shaykh Muwannis .. with ours millions children..

we were not created to forget our land.. we are not exist if we forget our Shaykh Muwannis ... its ours...