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Posted by Maher I Assaf on SEPTEMBER-9-2011 #137699

اهلنا يا احباب فلسطين
لطالما فرقنا الإحتلال
والغربة قست علينا واخذت منا فرحتنا واحلام السنين
فليرحم الله شهدائنا
وابائنا وامهاتنا
وليات يوم الفرح يوم النصر المبين
Posted by عبد الفتاح عواد on MARCH-6-2009 #69836

انا عبد الفتاح محمد عواد
من قرية علار جنة الله على الارض
علار هي من اجمل قرى فلسطين الحبيبه رغم ان باقي القرى لا ينقصها الجمال ففلسطين كلها جميله
انا لم ارى علار الا على بعض الصور ولكن والله يشدني اليها الشوق ويعذبني الحنين لبلدي علار ولكل شبر مقدس من فلسطين الصامده
اتمنى من الله ان استطيع العوده الى علار والعيش فيها واتمنى ان انال شرف ان ادفن في ترابك يا علار
Posted by ayman on AUGUST-9-2008 #48655

alslam 3lekom
i am very broud of those people who working on this wbsite
i am very sad because i have alott of family in palastine and i didnt know them and thay didnt know me but inshallah i am coming to palastine to see them all and see allar witch is my parents place of birth.
Posted by Osama Mohammad Hamamdeh on AUGUST-6-2008 #48298

Allar is the most beutiful city this that my parentes told me all the time . i visit Allar when i was 7 yers old ,its still in my mind from this time .i pay my life to feel as a one who back from his work to his hom in his country , we palstines pepole the only one that havn't this.
Every one has acountry to live on, except me i has a country live on me.
Posted by Maher Assaf on JULY-22-2008 #46672

علار من اجمل قرى فلسطين ، ماء وخضرة وثمر طيب وبساتين يانعة ، وعوائل طيبة ، اشهرها عائلة عساف وعائلات اخرى مثل عائلة قراقع والصراصره وزبون والبراقعه
اشتهرت بطبيعتها الخلابة وكرم اهلها
وحبهم لوطنهم وارضهم
Posted by Jawad Aljamal on DECEMBER-15-2007 #25335

realy,would like to visit this village,,especially after reading name of "shaykh Ibrahim" many times..but,.who's "shaykh Ibrahim"..?!
i wish stones,,and much remain..we; PALESTINIANS..we'll return..
Posted by Khalid Assaf on SEPTEMBER-3-2007 #19843

Yes this is Allar our village which i never seen life before even my home land palestine. I am looking forward to see palestine and allar very soon.
Posted by Allar on OCTOBER-27-2005 #9784

Very interesting. I googled my name and there it was . The little village of Allar . I'm very interested to hear where te name comes from? (is it from Allah, or is the settler of this city Estonian, or something else?) Is there map of Allar?
Posted by Nicole on JUNE-8-2003 #4180

My maiden name is Allar. I went to Google one day and thought I could see what hits I would get. I never would have thought that is was the name of a city.
Posted by Arefassaf on FEBRUARY-26-2002 #1385

My family comes from Allar. The Assaf clan was one of five clans in the village. Yes, the one room school remains stadning. My father took us to Allar several times. It is occupied by Yemeni Jews who raise chickens. Ours is nicknamed Allar al-Basal(onions)- I am told, to differentiate it from Allar Al Qara'- (Pumpkins) in the Nalbus area.It is sparsley populated. Most of our family live in Qalndia Camp, near Jerusalem. Thes rest live in Jordan.