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Dayr Muhaysin An Arabian Palestinian village By Ali Islim
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by haitham Islim on July 18, 2003
Dayr Muhaysin
An Arabian Palestinian village, that lies to the south east of Ramleh ؟ an Arabian city -it lies on the northern side of Jerusalem ؟ Ghaza road .Considered the third village of great area in Ramleh district.
There are several spring sources near the village, its houses built of stones, it has some grocery stores , a mosque ,water wells for drinking .
Many ruins were around it like UM-sarrea but most of them were destroyed.
Its area 10 008 Dunom ؟ 1 Dunom = 1000 square meter ؟owned by the Arabian mahasreh who inhabited Bayt-mahseir.
They used to grow wheat and other grains on its plane surface, and fruit trees on its descending areas.
The Jews occupied Dayr Muhaysin in 1948 with the aid of the British army after a fierce battle ,many Arabian strugglers and Mahasreh have been martyred in this battle.
The Jews destroyed it and build Beqoa' settlement on its lands.
Ali Islim Al-Mahseri

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