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Posted by Naema123 on AUGUST-19-2008 #49650

I am naema and, lives in Germany however I also live in Palastin in Bet Naqquba we also go everybody jahr there this jahr I know the family Awadaller my brother-in-law it is from this familie, however ours is also familie. Now Actually, the whole village is my family now we are approximate in 2000 people in Bet Naqquba I love it there to to be I love my familie and whom to her want you can have my msn addy whom you want to see sometimes bilder from bet Naqquba ( or ( I please me whom to her writes you come like I have also understood from Bet Naqquba. I find to read it nicely what from my village and to see my family knows many seiten from Bet Naqquba because my Onkle of the mayors is. I hope you can understand my English I make always by translator
Posted by Abdel Karim Ramadan on FEBRUARY-6-2008 #28667

I hope and IKnow,that the Israeli destruction of Palestine and the wall in Palestine will tumble down one day and forever!this slave stateIsrael it was and is acrime against humanity,Long live the brave palestine people long live the palestinian(Bayt Naqquba) freedom, longlive international solidarity.

God bless you and bless BaytNaqquba
Posted by A.H. on JUNE-30-2007 #17595

If anyone lives in Bayt Naqquba or knows someone who lives there plz write to me. Im trying to get in contact with some family there but i dont have any phonenumber so i hope you can help me.

Posted by Mohammed on FEBRUARY-5-2007 #13540

I really embarrassed to find a page on the net for my homeland, although that I born in Jordan, but as all Palestinian we have that longing for bayt naqquba, and we hope we could back some day! Who knows? By the way anyone enter this site from bayt naqquba's plz be free to email me.
Posted by Miriam Awadallah on JANUARY-11-2007 #12520

My Father grew up in Bayt Naqquba and came to the United States in the 80's to continue his education and has always spoke of how much he loves his homeland and has taken me and my siblings to visit twice. I hope one day we can return to our original village.
Posted by Dr. Nisreen Jadalla on AUGUST-24-2006 #11451

I am one of the daughters of Bayt Naqquba who was born after the Nakba . although I visited Bayt Naqquba once at 1992 , I love it so much may be this is due to my father love to his town and his continous talk about it.
I believe one day we will be able to go back but I hope this day will be soon.
Posted by Huldra on JULY-19-2006 #11166

In the book by Benny Morris (1994): "1948 and After" (ISBN 0198279299) has information relating to Bayt Naqquba in chapter 8 (p. 257-289): "The Case of Abu Ghosh and Beit Naqquba, Al Fureidis and Jisr Zarka in 1948 -or Why Four Villages Remained"
And I have started an article here:
Posted by ABDUL RAHMAN KHAIRALLAH on MARCH-27-2005 #8566

Although my father left our village while he was still too young and I am now 40 years old but still we are teaching our children that our original town is Bayt Naqquba and one day we will be back to our beloved land ,no way to accept any compensation.Further more all my relatives living in the new village -given by Israel state- and called ''A'yn Naqquba'' as a replacement for their lands in the original town knows very well that this is couldn't be a replacement and we have to keep teaching and reminding our generations that opposite to the street there is our village,occupied by the Jewish and it is the real one ''Bayt Naqquba''.Also we would like to remind all the ISRAELIS that about 250 person left the village during their invasion on 1948 while now we are thousands ,majority are inside Palestine