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Dayr Aban - دير آبان: Nakba Oral History Podcast: Interview with Abdel Hadi Abdullah Yousef Raba'(Abu Muhamad)


Posted on October 3, 2004
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Name Abdel Hadi Raba'
Year of Birth 1920
Duration 80+ min
Interview Date Jan. 14, 2004
Episodes 4
During the interview, a collection of documents were scanned and they can be viewed by clicking here.

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واهم، فكل الناس لهم أوطان يولدون فيها، أما نحن الفلسطينيين فوطننا فلسطين يولد فينا.
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وان شاء الله ساقوم تزويدكم صور ووثائق عن ديربان.
I am Saadi Abueishah from dyraban iwoud like to thank u for ur site and ipreshiate whate u did for our vilage dyraban i am engeneer working in saudia airline thanks again and good luke