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Dayr aban
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by abdelaziz abuhadba on March 25, 2003
Dear contributes of palestine remembered program
My name is abdelaziz abuhadba .
I was born in Dayr aban in 1935 .I lived there only untill 1945 because I was forced to leave my village by the Jewish soldiers.I will never forget what happened that time.I wrote a book about my village .It was printed and published in 1990 by the Palestinian Folklore Center in the Society of In'ash Alusra -in Albiera Palistine .I am the directer of this center .I also published many studies about the Plestinian Folklore .I published a magazine (al-Turath & al-Mujtama). (Society and heritage).I am the editor .I visited my village many times and took thouthands of pictures of this village .In 1988 ,ABC Television made an interview with me on my demolished and destroyed home in Dayr aban.I hope that I can send you a copy of my book its title is Dayr aban.IT is written in arabic but you can find an abstract in English.
I am very loyal to my country and my occupied village Dayr aban .Therefore I am very thankful that your website provides occupied Palestinians and including Dayr aban .I hope that this is the first step in connection with your good program about Palestinian cities ,villages and its history .Palestine will always be remembered.
This website will be available after 2 months ,BUT for now you can email me at
Thank you
Yours truly
Abdelaziz .H.Abuhadba

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