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Posted by RAFATI on OCTOBER-28-2005 #9791

ya rafat al quds we will be back inshallah one day to save you
Posted by RAFAT on AUGUST-29-2005 #9495

Posted by Ziad Faraj on OCTOBER-29-2003 #5062

This is a great work. I am very proud of you. I had sometime to visit the web and found it changed alot. When wandered inside the walks of the web I felt realy happy and exited for the hard and fruitful work. Ela Al Amam
Posted by Rezeq Faraj on MARCH-23-2002 #1496

This is Rezeq Faraj from Rafat. Though I live far away in Montréal,Canada, I have you on my mind and in my heart and will continue to do so as long as I live . Will transmitt you to my children , ant my childrens children forever. I visited Rafat in the year two thousands and I'm in the process of collecting stories on the village and it's original inhabitants before 1948 . I will post them on this web site as soon as they are ready. All I have to say now is this: our struggle is long but we will be victorious.
Greetings and thanks to the Web master .
Rezeq Faraj
March 23 /2002