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Posted by basem j. Karzoun on APRIL-12-2012 #143165

Please list the names of those who were massacred in Dayr Yasin
in 1948 by the terrorist jews. It is important to document the names of the Martyers.Lets keep their names alive in the media as well as in our hearts. It is important so that we can prosecute these who were responsible for this barbaric act. lets call it our HOLOCUST.
Posted by Luay Walid Mahmoud Mohammed Ismail Jaber on JUNE-18-2011 #135430

As salamu alaikum. My full name is Luay Walid Mahmoud Mohammed Ismail Jaber. (Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL) You may have noticed that my name is rather long. Well I take pride in being able to say I not only know my grandfather's name, but I also know my grandfather's grandfather's name.

I am from Deir Yasin and I have been there. I spent one day there and it was the best day of my life. It was the most beautiful village I have ever been to and it had the freshest air that I ever had the pleasure of breathing. I sit with the people who were born and raised there every chance I get. I always have them tell me stories about the old country to get firsthand accounts on not only the Deir Yasin Battle, but also other things that happened before that to get a feel for what life was like for them back then.

You may have noticed I refered to it as the Deir Yasin battle instead of the Deir Yasin Massacre. Many of us from Deir Yasin feel that is is an insult to all the brave martyrs who fought hard and died to call it a massacre. Deir Yasin stood strong for two days before it was over. They were vulnerable but not helpless. Two days may not seem like a lot to you, but it was for them considering their situation.

Above all, all of the men from Deir Yasin that were of fighting age were far from the village fighting battles elsewhere. Spies for the Jewish gangs found this out and they realized the village was vulnerable for attack. So they organized three gangs to attack Deir Yasin (women, children, and a few old men). They fought hard and lost. They had no support from any nearby villages.

One of the gangs that invaded Deir Yasin was called the Irgun. The Irgun's weapons were supplied by Benjamin Emanuel. Benjamin Emanuel just so happens to be Rahm Emanuel's father. Rahm Emanuel is the former Chief of Staff for President Obama and he is currently the mayor of Chicago.

I am glad we have websites like this so we can be heard and counted. I promise I will never forget Deir Yasin or Palestine as a whole until I die. I will never accept any compensation of any kind for any part of Palestine. I will never accept a so-called two state solution, that will never work. The only real solution is to bring things back to how they were before the British occupied Palestine. There were Palestinians and Jews living together peacefully before Europe got involved.

Stay Strong, Salam
Posted by Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD on APRIL-8-2010 #109159

English following Arabic (please forward to those who might be interested)

بمناسبة التاسع من نيسان (ذكرى مذبحة دير ياسين) تتشرف اللجنة الشعبية لمقاومة الجدار والاستيطان في بيت ساحور بدعوتكم لحضور الفيلم الوثائقي "يوم إلك ويوم عليك" وذلك يوم الجمعة الموافق 9/4/2010 تمام الساعة السادسة مساءً في قاعة منتزه السلام في عش غراب -بيت ساحور
اللجنة الشعبية لمقاومة الجدار والاستيطان/بيت ساحور

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Deir Yassin Massacre, the Popular Committee Against teh Wall and Settlements in Beit Sahour invite you to see the film "Youm Ilak o Youm Aleik" (English and Arabic) taht speaks of teh Nakba and villages including Deir Yassin. The film will be shown at 6 PM On Friday 9 April 2010 at the hall of the Peace Park in Ush Ghrab, Beit Sahour. For further information call 0598939532
Posted by makatbi on APRIL-23-2008 #35607

اقدم لكم كل الحب والتحية

Posted by mohammed on FEBRUARY-27-2008 #30023

great site, thank you
Posted by Wesam Sammur on SEPTEMBER-14-2007 #20409

I am from Dayr Yasin but I have never been there. I am from the Sammur family and we live in Chicago, IL, USA. There is a big group here in Chicago from Dayr Yasin. Not sure of the exact number but it could be around 300. The families here in Chicago are from Jaber, Eid, Joudeh, and Sammur. My grandfather Mahfouz Sammur was in Dayr Yasin during the massacre. He has written a book about the village, the massacre, and listed the names of every single person from the village as of 1948.
Posted by chiara on MARCH-25-2007 #14582

Hello I´m looking for my father called Mahmoud Asad or Mahmoud Rasheed Hussain Asad. I don´t know the real name. I´m writing from germany. My mum got to know him about 30 years ago. He was a Palestinian and studied in India some years. When the Golf-War had started they lost contact after 10 years relationship. He married another woman and moved to Cairo. I have never seen him and I need to get to know him because I want to know where I come from and who´s my dad. Maybe someone of you knows how I can find him and you can please help me. I really miss him.
Please write me an e-mail if you´ve got any ideas how i can find him.
Sincerely Chiara
Posted by Douglas on DECEMBER-14-2006 #12279

If you had a family member or a friend who died at the
Dayr Yasin massacre would you ever accept the state
of Israel That not withstanding there will never be
peace in the middle east until Israel allows Palestinians
to return to the land that the were forced to leave
Posted by Omar Asad on OCTOBER-3-2006 #11705

I just discovered your web site it is a very good idea and i appreciate it.My family is from Dier Yesen my dad name is Asad Asad his father name was (Mohammad Asad (allah ihram ah) My grandfather owned a construction company and was a big distributer of limestone witch Dier Yesen and Jerouslem is known for and England was in great debt to my grandfather and his family who were his partners i heard somewhere beteen 4-10 million witch at the time was alot . My mothers dad is Saleh Radwan. My dads cousin is Mohammad Asad you guys might know him as Abu Mahmood he sill lives in jerousalem and gives lots of lectures and lessons on the massacre Ive heard the stories from all my elders it kills me to know such people as the jews can get away with such an act and most of the ones who orginized the attack are politions now.But to get to my point Mahmood Asad and Mohammad Asad who are brothers is in the unkown grave ,you guys have posted that what i was told... is there a way you can look into this to verify.The elders dont like to talk about it too much they get extremly emotional.
Posted by estudiochaij on DECEMBER-31-2005 #10093

Posted by sonja zimmermann on APRIL-12-2005 #8655

Thank you for enabling me to sign this guestbook in honour of the people of Dayr Yasin. This memorial to the past is of great importantance, so we can spread the knowledge about the black pages of history and the unrecognized suffering of the Palestinian people.
One day I trust Palestinians will live at peace in a Free Palestine. As an activist for Free Palestine I am committed to contribute whatever is within my power so that we reach this aim.
Posted by mortgage on AUGUST-12-2004 #7297

Posted by Haya Radwan, From Deir Yasein on JUNE-25-2004 #6979

I am from Deir Yasein. All of my grandparents were born and raised in Deir Yasein and they always tell me firsthand stories about their experiences. We shouldnt be sad for the people who were killed in Deir Yasein, for they are all in heaven right now, but we should always remember them. May God Bless everyone. Deir Yasein, Jenin, Sabra & Shatila, Qana, and every single city ever massacred in Falasteen is in all of our hearts. Also, we shouldn't only think about these cities, we should think about all of Palestine as one. May Allah make things easier on the people.
Posted by Dave on APRIL-3-2003 #3913

We, members of Liverpool friends of Palestine will be commemorating Dayr Yasin on April the 12th with a vigil in the city centre. We continue to support the plight of the Palestinians in the face of continued Israeli aggression.
"Hope lives when people remember" (Simon Wiesenthal)
Remember Dayr Yasin, remember Jenin!
Posted by Ibtisam Radwan on DECEMBER-27-2002 #3559

Deir Yassin is in our hearts and will never be forgotten. Born and raised as a Palestinian and parents who were born and raised in Deir Yassin and experienced the horrible massacre in 1948 before having to leave.My parents taught my sibilings and I all about it and we explained everything about our village to our children. I love Deir Yassin and I pray to Allah that I can go back to it one day and pass it on to the next generations. ANA SAMIDA
Posted by Elder Gary Cummings on SEPTEMBER-16-2002 #3135

Dear Palestinian Friends,
I do wish to remember the victims of Deir Yasin.
As a Christian Minister, I am deeply repentant for American Christian support of the Zionist murder and land expropriation of the people of Deri Yasin.
All men and women are my brothers and sisters.
The Zionists were acting like the Nazis, who were the arch-warcriminals of the world.
The Palestinian people are on my prayer list, and I pray that they will have a homeland of their own where they can live in peace without fear from the Zionist state of Israel.


Elder Gary Cummings
Posted by Australian Guy on MARCH-12-2002 #1452

Great article!

I have heard of Zionist Massacres before but your story on this website porvides an excellent reference.

Keep up the good work.

Information such as this,in my opinion, is far more powerful a weapon in the fight for Palestine than Bombs and Bullets.
Posted by Jihan Melwani on JANUARY-29-2002 #1267

I feel so sad for what happened to Dayr Yasin. Inshallah the land will be given back to our people on day. The land that was once ours taken so quickly without permission or a fair fight.