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Posted by Annalena Bienek on AUGUST-30-2020 #160361

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Posted by فدوى سلامه on JUNE-10-2010 #115057

السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته لن ننساكي يا بلادي
Posted by فدوى سلامه on JUNE-10-2010 #115056

السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركته لن ننساكي يا بلادي
Posted by Mai Salameh on APRIL-11-2010 #109432

قالوا علامك رافعة الراس ونشوفك قوية ؟
قلت العفوا كلنا ناس بس انا فلسطينيه ؛
فلسطينيه في هواها تترك العالم وراها
تمتلك كل المشاعر ومن عرفها مانساها
لا شافت ظلم الناس في كل البرية
تسجد لربها اللي خلقها فلسطينيه
Posted by ATIYEH SALEM on MARCH-20-2010 #107196

I am from Jrash. I visted the village manyb times and eachy time my heart gets heavierb to see the pretty land beenb taken by force byv theb occupiers. Jrashb is a signj of solidarity and am live example of the diaspora and the4 attrocities of the Jews who by force replaced and expelled the entire populationn of Jrash. IOt breaqks my heart to see thye birth plaqce of all my unc les, mmy entire family turned to ruins and displaced i many refugee camps.
The cvillage had threen main families . The ramadan family which is the largest. then the Zgarui family and then the Safi Family but thety arev all nintegrated as a solid bodyv with one soul, mostly living at the deheshe Camp inn theb outskirt of bethlehem. Viswt Jrash and you will cry to the loss of this mountain top fresh air village.
Posted by بلال الزبدة on DECEMBER-18-2009 #98207

نحن شعب يقف المجروح منا جبل حين تنادينه بلاده (لن ننساك فلسطين الحبيبة)
Posted by Reham Alhelsi on OCTOBER-12-2007 #21544

Hallo, Just wanted to say how touched I was to find the names of beloved ones here (my dear Grandmother Mariam Ramadan God bless her soul) and others from the family. I am half Ramadan. Best wishes and keep up the good work, Greetings from Germany, riham.
Posted by Adnan Sarayji on JUNE-30-2007 #17605

I was very pleased to know that we have another Jarash at west bank of HKJ, that prove west and east banks of Jordan River are always one unity.
What really make us depressed is seeing our land destroyed by Jewish state,ولكن لا حياة لمن تنادي

Adnan Sarayji
Posted by Bassam D.Sandouka on APRIL-11-2007 #14944

i love it very much jarash means some thing
Posted by balqees on FEBRUARY-24-2003 #3786

I visited jarash before long time ago, i know of its beauty, i wished you had more pictures so i can show my american friends the beauty that my country holds.