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Lifta - لفتا: LIFTA's FAMILY TREE



Picture for Lifta Village - Palestine: LIFTA's FAMILY TREE. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Posted on July 15, 2000
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If you want to have a better look at the Families of Lifta ... SCROLL downe to Families Tree and a better PICTURE with the clear names are there ...
إن أردت أن تطلع على أسماء عائلات لفتا واضحة إنزل تحت إلى Families Tree .
i really don't know why you are saying this?!?! after all we are all Palestinians and we all are fighting for one thing which is Palestine no matter where are we from, and this is the problem with you and all other people thinking the same way you do!!!

please stop these comments and try to move on, Americans and European have reached the moon and you still thinking about who should be consulted ....etc Typical Arabian!!!
Dear All,
this family tree is not totally accurate. it reflects the person's family to be the center of town while a family like AlSUFRAN are new commers to LIFTA, and it ignores some other major families. There are more qualified people from Lifta and specialised in History as a major should be consulted, such as (now living in Amman) Mr. Saleh Rayyan.
I think.