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Saris - ساريس : Saris - 2009 - view from Shoresh to the North
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Saris - ساريس : Saris - 2009 - view from Shoresh to the North

Posted by Tameer Alawi Uploaded on October 20, 2009
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Posted by yaser hamad on December 11, 2009 #97646

Few years ago I had a chance to see my beloved homeland
in vivo, then i had a mixed feeling of anger and pleasure, but now I very very happy to see young people commenting sbout their homeland and I am sure that the majority of them have never been there. I am proud of guys. THE OLDER PEOPLE DIED, THE THE YOUNGER WILL NVER FORGET.cONGRADUALTION FOR YOU GUYS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
yaser hamad