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freemasons,illuminati,skull and bones and mainly zionists and edmond rothschild
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by YACOUB S. NASRALLAH on March 14, 2009
im not going in details but i advise readers to go deeper into the above socities and families like rothschilds and rockefeler to see that the belfour declaration was issued to the jewish millionare edmond roth. and plus read to see how edmond in the 1800 s built alot of jewsih towns in palestine and financed almost all of the jewish conspiracy in palestine........edmond is illuminati,george bush is skull and bones,tony blair is in another one i cant recall.......and all of these masonic sociteis have one thing in common: devil worshisping and world control and inticing wars and one of thier goals is building the temple in al quds.....please read the protocols of the elders of zion it will tell you why we living like this now.......if you read good enough you will know that islam is peacful compared to these people.......but anytime muslims attack westerners we hurt ourselves more........lets stay calm for a while and you will see that there is hidden hands that want us to look bad one person wishes that is the big devil henry kissenger...

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