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'My First Visit To Suba'
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Umar Ilayann on May 14, 2005
I visited Suba in Spring of 2004. It was my first visit to this beautiful village & what's left of it. I have always heard of Suba from my mother, but never had a chance to go & see it. I was really overwhelmed with its location; it sits right on top of high jabal.As I walked up the jabal, I couldn't contain my emotions. I felt sadness as I walked by some the of the destroyed houses & other farm buildings.I walked through narrow alleys with stone walls on each side.I felt like the stone were saying something to me, as if they were calling for Suba's inhabitants. When I reached the top of the jabal, I was amazed at the architecture of the houses, their arches, the beauty of the doors & windows. The thickness of the walls of each house was about 2-3 feet. The perfect insulation for cold winters & hot summers.I climbed on top of a house that is still partially standing, and the cool breeze was breath taking.

The terraces of olive,almond,figs,pomegranite trees & sabr were still there. One can tell that these trees have been neglected for many years. There was abundant water from the "Ain" spring which had several water reservoirs. The Israelis are using the "Ain" water for irrigation of the vast apple orchards on Suba's land. I have taken several digital pictures of Suba; I plan to reduce their sizes to meet this site's picture size requirements.

All that I can say is that I don't know how Suba's people had to cope with leaving ,losing their homes & land. I feel with them for their pains & sorrows.

Allah Kareem.


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