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Memories of zionist invasion of suba
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by YACOUB S. NASRALLAH on July 17, 2006
1)I was told that before the zionist invasion of suba there was a meeting in haj mosa coffee house in abu ghosh... the village's representives came mostly on hourses....i was told they had names like "arabs of bani hassan" and other names depending on the area they came from around jerusalem(anybody can email me the arab bani name for each area?)..anyway what happen in the meeting: abu ghosh people ask evrybody to stay calm and welcom the ocupation...qastal people got mad and said we dont take shoor from thooor.....
2)In 1994 i sat watchng tv to see the araba agreement and heard somthng i will never forget all my life peter jeninngs was saying that he sat with hussein and hussien told him the following :" we and the jewish people we have the same enemy which is the palestinian people"...untill today this rings in my head while i analyize this country policies and see that we are their enemy

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