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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by YACOUB S. NASRALLAH on March 4, 2002
I grow up in Amman and went to the Islamic Scientific school for 12 years ....
During the twelve years I had a friend his name: Yasser Mousa Hassan Shakbo'a...we were close friends all these twelve years and we actually lived close by ...
In my visits to Ayn Rafa were our leftover families are still there...and while talking to an old lady over there I mentioned this friend (because Ayn Karem is not very far from SUBA) and found out a very neat story :

I found out that Yasser's grandfather, Hassan Shakbo'a, owned an olive press ...... ( ma3sarah) .. and the people of SUBA used to take their olives and get them processed at hassan's press......
and that old lady kin of mine knew hassan personaly when they used to go and do their olives in 1920s 1930s and 1940s...

Finaly, this was a story that i liked to share with you .........

Another thing i have noticed too there is a family from ein karem in the name of SOUBANI when i knew this i wondered how this happened ....did sombody from suba moved to ein karem and settled there in 1700 maybe? and thats why they called his family sobani .....was it just a mere coincedence? .....questions that needs answers maybe sombody from ein karem can help with this... if so please do......
I would like to thank mr ribhi huzien (from ayn karem) for his email in his email he expalined how ayn karem have soubani family:
..... . My grandmother tells me that the Soubani family min Ein Charem were originally from Suba. She said they came to Ein Karem at around 1880's or 1890's and bought land there and married into the Zeidan family and, afterwards, became part of the village. Also, you mentioned al-Azireeya in grandmother tells me taht there are still people from dar Jabr and dar Daoud living in Azareeya and they are both from Ein Karem. She also says that there are people form Ras Abu Ammar living in Azireeya from dar Ayyad.......

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