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Posted by FIRAS-BARHOOM on MARCH-9-2010 #105912

WWW . aljura . hooxs . com/portal . htm
Posted by TomCat on FEBRUARY-22-2007 #14079

We are still here, if not in al-jura, then some where around in this world, expanding, and we shall return.

I was really shocked and almost about to have my tears come out of my eyes the time I saw my village's pictures and came to know what kind of heaven our fathers were living in before 1948. I just want to appreciate all who have worked on to build up this marvelous historical site that saves the facts from lose. I hope from all ؟al-juarah؟ members to gather through this site.

Many thanks
Posted by samabudees on DECEMBER-2-2006 #12140

thank you for showing me about my family town