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al-Lawz, Khirbat - خربة اللوز : Ruins of the destroyed Palestinian village
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al-Lawz, Khirbat - خربة اللوز : Ruins of the destroyed Palestinian village

Posted by Noga Kadman Uploaded on July 4, 2007
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Posted by خليل حسن خليل جابر ابو طبيخ on November 23, 2008 #57905

إن هذه الصور التي لم ارها الى في مخيلتي من خلال ما اخبرنا به اجدادنا واسلافنا من صورها الجمبله والاكثر من رائعه وعلى صغر مساحته الى انها كبيره جدا في عيني واتمنى من الله العلي القدي ر ان يطيل في عمر حتى نراها وكامل الارضي الفلسطينية وقد عادة الي اهلها
Posted by MUTAZ SALEH on March 16, 2008 #31931

mohamed anker
Posted by ayman m hussien al louzie on February 2, 2008 #28476

its so sad to see this about my home town, i have been to my town in 2000 , i loved it , i was so happy to see where my dad my mom lived where my uncles & , lived most of there lives , i was happy to see all this , i wish we can go back there, i would give my life for 10 minutes in my home town, isnahllah soon