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al-Walaja - الولجة: Ala al-charcha ya walagia ala al-charcha.

Posted by Alex Ali Irshaid on June 28, 2001

Picture for al-Walaja Village - Palestine: : منير الصيفي يعود لفلسطين لأول مرة قادماً من الشتات لفترة مؤقتة ليؤكد حقه في أرضه. من أمام منزل العائلة في الولجة ،تغير الزمان ولم يتغير المكان - تصوير طارق البكري Click Image For Town Details
Ala al-charcha ya walagia ala al-charcha.

When we were young children, my beloved Father (rahemaho Allah) used to tell us stories about al-walaja and the special hillside, called the Karka (charcha in al-walaja dialogue). When the people of al-walaja of any Hamoulah used to get into a fight with another, they used to call each other by saying "Ala al-charcha ya walagia ala al-charcha". This hillside was very rocky and steep, therefore, who ever gets up to the top first wins the fight. And the winning was by throwing rockes and stones at the people down below.

My story herein, is a great reminder of determination to win and concur, and in God's Will the Palestinian nation will win the strugle and gain the land back and repeat the sweet memories of our Fathers and Mothers.

Love to all of the Palestinians everywhere...

Alex Ali Irshaid
California, USA

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