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al-Walaja - الولجة: Al-Walaja's orchards of almonds, figs, grapes & its water remembered.

Posted by Umar Ilayann on August 20, 2002

Picture for al-Walaja Village - Palestine: : House remains and some rubble, Spring 2002 Click Image For Town Details
As a sheperd ,in the early 1960's, of about 80 heads of sheep, I used to often head towards Al-Walaja for grazing in that area. In the summer,the sheep & I would drink the cold sweet water from Ain Al-Haniya. I would then follow the unpaved road towards Al-Walaja. I have eaten the best tasting apricots (mish-mish mistkawi) from one huge tree that was on the hillside close to the dirt road. I also ate lots of almonds, figs, plums, pears, grapes, sabr, pomegranite (romann),safarjal & the list goes on. I remember seeing the old school, located in the "snobar trees" woods area, with half of the building destroyed. The remains of the black board can still be seen. I will always remember the terraces that were built for each orchard on the hillsides. I used to always feel so sad ,especially when I was close to the village's cemetery, about al-walaja because of its emptiness and the fate of its rightful inhabitants. I will always cherish its authentic beauty and its cool breezes carrying fresh dew that rose from its rich olive trees valleys to meet me in the early mornings.

May Allah return the people of Al-Walaja to their land & water.

Allah Maakom


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Our family name is Mistkawi. We have known of Mish-Mish Mistkawi but we do not know where we can find them, if at all.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!