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Map Of The Destoryed & Depopulated Villages In Jerusalem District



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My grandparents are from Dayr Aban. Now living in Aida Refugee camp in Bethlehem.
One day i`ll build my house in al-walaja on the top of the higher mountain and `ill invite all the people who’s i will know in that time i`m 32 y now and this is the promises, in my 40`s inshallah ...

Abdelnaser- ebn abu 3adel - nozha amman
فلسطين داري ودرب إنتصاري تظل بلادي هوى في فؤادي
لفتا موطن أجدادي أحن إليك حنين الطفل إلى أمه
السلام عليكم.

عيوننا اليك ترحل كل يوم.... و انني اصلي ...
We will over come inshallah .. time is runing fast the sun is moveing thru.. the sky , O Allah guide our Muslem ummah to right path ameen .