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Websites concerning the Palestinian Refugees


Posted on October 16, 2007

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Not for profit organization

Informational websites & other point of views


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شات دندنه مصرية
أحدث وأشمل كتاب عن قرية فلسطينية 1948: بيت دجن يافاعلى موقع(
In my heart I pray that the day will come that all Palestinians
will be free to live in dignity as is the given right of every human being on this planet. God does not love oppression or those who oppress. As American born of Irish descent and a citizen of this Earth my thoughts will always be with you until you are free.
Palestine , ya Palestine , so many of her sons and daughters are displaced , yet we live for the moment of return, love may lie bleeding in the sand... yet hope burns eternal .... our flame will never be extinguished , many have tried [and failed] to annihilate us, yet we LIVE and we WILL return ! Allah Karim .
We the Descendants of the American Patriots, the American Sons of Liberty, the lovers of Freedom, pledge our support to our Palestinian brothers and sisters who struggle against today's colonialism and imperialist oppression, like our ancestors did under the British King.

We see you as our ideological successors, and praise your brave efforts in resisting the illegal occupation of Palestine.

We wish to inspire you with the knowledge that as America's newsmedia has become increasingly unshackled from censorship and bias by a small elite cabal of 'opinion-makers', Americans are waking up to the reality of Palestine's oppression and the true nature of Zionist illegal acts against Palestinians, both Muslim and Christian.

As of today, March 28, 2009, the number 4 most viewed subject on are videos related to the recent genocidal IDF acts in Gaza. Many, if not the substantial majority of average Americans were truly shocked at the barbarity of the IDF against civilians, women and children, and are stirring with anger at the deceptions of the newsmedia over the past 60 years which covered up these recent warcrimes and other Zionist atrocities.

We look forward to the day when the American government is freed from its Zionist masters, so that aid, support and friendship will flourish between a Free Palestinian Nation and a (once again) Free American Nation!

To summarize our message in the common vernacular, "Hang in there! We see the sad reality and are actively working to change the U.S. one-sided support of Zionist apartheid, ethnic cleansing and genocide!"

Allahu Akbar! & Deo Vindice!
American Sons of Liberty
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God knows that better than Sabian Shiites
The war in Lebanon affected Lebanon or Israel
Lebanon, of course, ruined its infrastructure and killing its people and international demarcation of the border to ensure the safety of Jews and claims to the Knesset defeat
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i'm a Nigerian our heart bleeds for palestine. we've established an african front for emancipation of palestine but i need a friend in Gaza who can help me with the daily situation and real life story of our brothers.

I'm a french student in relation international.I will do, next year, my big work about palestinians: refugees, there recognize in law in lebanon, jordan, syrie.

It would be grat if you can help me to know where I can find some information.
any thing you write is accabtable for me /as long as for the interest of palestinian