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Posted by Yosef Abuneaj on AUGUST-15-2001 #644

Salam all:

I am very impressed by this website. It is well designed and professionally done. I like to thank the Webmaster of Palestineremembered for his dedication and hard work for our just cause.

Yosef Abuneaj
Posted by Mohammad Khalil on JUNE-8-2001 #277

It is a great pleasure to read about our valuable village on the web. I would like to thank all people due to their hard job in preparing this page. Although we don't see or know Saffuriyya,it lives in our hearts,minds.

Mohammad Khalil
Posted by Thouraya & Heba on MAY-24-2001 #186

REALLY GREAT WEBSITE, Mashallah, God bless you all for this site. While we were looking to know our village Saffuriyya, we've discovered this nice webpage. We hope the day will come when we ALL can get back & live in SUFFURIYYA once again. Many feeling come to our harts when we see these photos & information about Saffuriyya. We love it & love Palestine more & more . Allah Kareem, inshallah all Palestinians can go back home soon. We Shall Return Thanks a lot
Posted by ziad NEJEM on MAY-24-2001 #184

Dear brothers:
I don't know when and where I'll die, but I believe I have the right to choose the land in which my body is gonna be buried and to name each sand grain that will cover me. It's right there where I  can feel the childhood of my parents: Saffuriyya... Saffuriyya which whenever I look at the map I imagine as if it is in the mid of the necklace at the sweet lady's neck: PALESTINE..
I'd like to thank JAM'YAT TURATH SAFFURIYYA as well as the author of this website for their efforts...
Posted by samer audi on MAY-21-2001 #149

To start with, I like to thank the author for this nice webpage.
Really, I was so pleased to see my small town & knowing its details, hoping one day we will all return back soon? Not only to Saffouriyya, but to all of our
beloved homeland.
God be with us ..
Posted by Nisrine on MAY-11-2001 #74

When first I added my name to the Directory Service, there was only one other name displayed, and I was very heartened to see on my visit today how many other names have been added.
I congratulate the author(s) of this site. Its great human potential is obvious, and I visit it regularly to keep in touch. God Bless.
We shall & must return.