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Posted by shawki on JUNE-8-2020 #160161

انا شوقي احمد ابراهيم فلسطيني من قريه علما اعيش في لبنان لاجئ كنت ساكن في مخيم تل الزعتر ومن ثم سكنت في مخيم البرج وحالياً اسكن في منطقة بشامون - لبنان،
تحياتي الى كل فلسطيني وين ما كان عايش وبدي اقول
انا فلسطيني وبفتخر ويلي مش عاجبو يروح ينتحر
Posted by Chahrour on DECEMBER-3-2016 #158228

Hi guys i know im late but i just found This site ..

The Chahrour family is from the small village Alma
And alot of Them was born in tal el zaatar .. and somewhere in Libanon

Now most of Them lives in Denmark

It Nice to see all the People's from Alma Palestine ✌️

We Will Return

Keep in touch
Posted by Talal Said on AUGUST-30-2012 #145842

People who are from Alma ( علما ) Please join us on Facebook

My grandfather was the last Mukhtar of Alma since 1936 - 1948

المختار في قرية (علما)

1. الشيخ علي سليمان الأحمد.

2. محمد سعيد سليمان.

3. سليمان علي الأحمد.

4. علي مصطفى الشيخ أحمد/ وبقي في منصبه حتى عام 1925.

5. حسين عقل/ وتولى منصبه مباشرة بعد سلفه عام 1926 وبقي فيه حتى عام 1936.

6. أحمد محمد سعيد/ وتولى منصبه في أواخر عام 1936 وبقي فيه حتى عام 1948.
Posted by mohamad taleb aina on APRIL-6-2011 #132478

im mohamad taleb aina,the grand son of il haj Abu Atta alaina...was born in lebanon,and now living in berlin...
its very nice to see our relatives and blood in a website and communicate as well...that is how the old die,but the young dont forget but always be faithful and remember their home land!!!...
Mohamad Aina
Posted by Jennine on SEPTEMBER-19-2010 #121760

Hi everyone,

My name is Jennine, and I'm the daughter of Abdul Hamid Abdul Khalik (ibn abu Marwan and om Marwan). My father lived with his family in the Nahr al Bared refugee camp. I was born and raised here in Sydney, Australia. May we see a free Palestine. Please keep in touch!
Posted by tanya on AUGUST-16-2010 #119735

I nothing understand how can i find main NADER
Posted by Tarik Seif on APRIL-29-2010 #110946

اسمي طارق يوسف سيف فلسطيني من قريه علمااعيش في لبنان بصفه لاجئ اسكن في ما كان يسمى مخيم نهر البارد(المنكوب) بعداحداث العام الفين وسبعه واخيرااهديكم هذا البيت من الشعر
انالست من الهند انا لست من الصين انا عربي فلسطيني وهذا الفخر يكفيني
Posted by dari on MARCH-29-2010 #108190

ابو عمار يا ................
ابو مازن يا عميللللللللللللللللل
ابو مازن يا كلبببببببببببببببببب
خزاكم الله ايها العملالالالالالالالالالالالالالاء

يعيش يعيش البرغوثي
Posted by Rashid Ajjawi on MARCH-10-2010 #105951

My name is Rashid Suleiman Ajjawi. I was born and raised in Lebanon. Currently I am living in UAE. My regards and best wishes to all the Palestinians spread all over the world due to the Israeli aggression against the loving people of the holy land (Including the small village of ALMA where my ancestors were born). My wish to all Palestinians out there ؟Do not forget your love to the mother land؟ and expose the criminal acts of the Israeli regime around the world. Do not rest and fight back with your possible means until victory. Salaam until we meet again in the land of Palestine ؟Our Promised Land؟.
Posted by Talal Said on DECEMBER-30-2009 #99439

Hello all. Hope all in a good health.
My name is Talal Abdullah Saeed and am from Alma. born in UAE my grand father name is Ahmed Mohammed Saeed.

Bless you all.
Posted by said kassem on NOVEMBER-1-2009 #93669

I was born in Tel al zater in 1962.
Posted by sa7ar el -ayna on JANUARY-12-2009 #63456

ahlan bekol elsafadeyea. Ana sa7ar mn dar el3ayna. ta7ayate lekol dar el3aina here! and all people from alma
i live in canada! take care guyz and salmo
Posted by Nidal Azzam on OCTOBER-16-2008 #54898

Welcome to all the people from Alma,I am Nidal Mohommad ahmad Azzam,born in Damasus 1970,currently I am in Ireland,God with you wherever you are.
Posted by el-haj khalil on MAY-21-2008 #38926

HALLO YA AHEL ALMA I JUST WANT TO SEND MY E-MAIL TO KASSEM AND NAJI AND ALL MY RLATIVES LUAI ALI .thats my e-mail( THE MORE QUICK i recieve your answer i would be more happy.
Posted by el-haj khalil on MAY-21-2008 #38922

My name is el-haj khalil,i´am also from (Alma) my grand father is salim el-haj khalil my father is sulieman el-haj khalil we are from lebanon camp (tal al-saatar).brothers areAKRAM -SALIM -MOHAMMAD-AHMAD SISTERS ARE FATEMA-IKRAM-HURIA -NOHA:
Posted by Sarah on APRIL-26-2008 #35981

Ana Sarah Moussa el-aynna mawalid berlin 1995.Ana min 3alma wa ba7aje ahlel balad wa aal EL-AYNNA.
Posted by Amani on APRIL-26-2008 #35980

Ana Amani Moussa el-aynna min mawalid berlin 1993. Ana min 3alma wa bahaye ahale 3alma wa aal el-aynna fi kole makan.
Posted by Sayyed on MARCH-25-2008 #32776

I am from Germany. The family of my father is from Alma. I m just happy to see that there are a lot of people who care about their roots and that I now finally see some pictures of that village.
I m also glad to see that you all did not loose the spirit of free palestine.
Its right the palestanian people/Alma inhabitants have spled around the world, but I m sure too, we will return and there will be the day when Israel will not exist anymore.
The Roman empire has fallen down, the colonial English empire, Napoleon, the Osman empire, the Sowjet Union and one day America will pass away too. That will be the day when Israel falls and palestine rises.
Good luck to everybody and never forget who you are.

Posted by ahmad fares ayna on OCTOBER-24-2007 #22261

Salam..Take care

Ahmad Fares Ayna
Posted by Sarah Al Aina on OCTOBER-1-2007 #21141

My name is Sarah Hakam Al Aina. I was born in Riverside, California in 1993. I live in Southern California next to Disneyland "The Happiest Place on Earth". Despite this fact i feel more attached to my tiny village Alma in Palestine. The village where my grandfather was born and my ancestors had lived. Peace To All!!!!
Posted by samer el aina on MAY-17-2007 #15919

salamu aleikum ana samer el aina min mawalid 3ein al 7elwe 1979 mokin fie almaniya berlin waledi hassan mahmud el aina al mokim fie 3ein al 7elwe. wa 2a7aye 2ahale 3ALMA wa salamu 3aleikum
Posted by D.D on APRIL-29-2007 #15245

hello ppl... nice to meet u all. nice site keep it up!!!
Posted by moussa el-aynna on APRIL-27-2007 #15201

Asalamualeikum ja ahali 3alma alkiram ana min mawalid talzaater ana a3ish fi berlin ahdikoum salami wa sanarji3o yawman ila 3alma.this is my
Posted by ahmed seif on APRIL-10-2007 #14913

my name ahmed mohmed seif son of elhaj mohd seif ,born in alma 1945 and living in talalzaater and now living in uae abudhabi since 1969 with my famely my wife and two boys salah(1974)and samir(1976) and three daughters rasha,rana,roula and hope inshaallah we meet all in alma and i am very happy for this website to meet my lovely alma people and god luck for all
Posted by jalal ajjawi on APRIL-8-2007 #14841

السلام عليكم يا اهل بلادي ورحمه الله وبركاته
مهما طال الزمان وبعدت المسافات سنرجع يوما يا علما الحبيبه 0
انا جلال فلاح محمد احمد عجاوي من مواليد تل الزعتر 1966 0 ومقيم حاليا في المانيا برلين 0
نصــــــــــــرمن الله وفتح قريب
Posted by Dr.Hadi El Ayna on APRIL-3-2007 #14727

Al Salam 3alikom ya ahl Alma. Although, I'm now in Australia and my parents in Qatar but ( OQSEM B ALLAH AL3ATHIM ) the first reason to came here with my family is to come back,visit and try to stay in our country


Insha2a Allah, one day should return.
Posted by Mahmoud Hajjaj on APRIL-1-2007 #14685

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته 0انا محمود محمد احمد حمادي هجاج من مواليد لبنان تل الزعتر 1960 ومقيم حاليا في المانيا برلين ومنذ عقدين من الزمن0
واقول لكم يا اهل بلدي لا تيأسو من رحمه الله فاننا وان شاء الله عائدون الى بلادنا مهما طال الزمن0
Posted by Saleh Ali Ajjawi on FEBRUARY-26-2007 #14142

hej ja ahel alma. kif el ahwal. saleh ajjawi men el danemark ma3kon.
Posted by Mahmoud Kassem on FEBRUARY-20-2007 #13992

well i actually love this website....and i love the people in it...and it seems like some of my family know some of you guys
Posted by Nader on JANUARY-24-2007 #13089

Hi All , My name is Nader Mohammad Ahmed Azzam , I am from Alma born in Damascus at 1976 , living now in UAE

you can contact me at

or my web sites
Posted by abogamela on SEPTEMBER-25-2006 #11660

Iam Mohammad yosef Hajaj from Alma
I live now in Al Bas camp "south lebanon"
It was great to sea such site about palestine and its history thank you for this work
for sure we will return back to Alma sooner or later

keep on touch

Mohammad Hajaj
Posted by Ali Akl on JULY-30-2006 #11250

Hi All,

My name is Ali son of Husien Akl, Son of Ali who in turn is Son of Hussein Akl. My roots lead back to Alma. I was born in Al Reshidiya Refugee Camp in 1972. We Moved to the UAE and Migrated to Canada in 1987. I can be reached by email
Posted by Salah on MAY-17-2006 #10805

hello brothers and sisters!
my name is salah naboulsi,i was born in berlin. i`m very happy we have a homepage from our beautiful alma.
Posted by Wisam on MARCH-11-2006 #10446

Alma is my grandmother's town, this earns me the right to post my poem here ;)
they took our land they shattered our dream
they also stole our self esteem
in our land they're left to dwell
when we were forced to live in a well
in a church you don't hear a bell
the mosques were silenced as well
our holy places were turned into shopping centers
in there our Gods have no more shelters
the north wind was to our good hearts shocking
it took over and no one was to its evil blocking
yet good has always been to evil knocking
one day the roots of their evil we'll be rocking
I swear by the God of the mount and the rain
my land won't stay under their rein
till the last drop in our vein
their evil will be washed away by the blood of our "feda'ein*

Wisam Atef Alchayati
from Mughr el-Khait
a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon

*Feda'ein = fighters
Posted by Mouhamad A. Naboulsi on FEBRUARY-3-2006 #10230

Assalamu Alaykum,
We are coming back wether they like it or not. Ameen
Posted by Alma on NOVEMBER-11-2005 #9895

just wanna say its a nice website. I was really surprised to see that there is a place in Palestine called Alma, because its also my name.Just wanna say slm to everybody.
Posted by Maysara Maarouf on OCTOBER-16-2005 #9743

Marhaba Ya Ahel Alma:
I am Nisreen Hajaj and I am from Alma. I am 25 yrs & I live in USA in Louisiana with my family.My father is Nazem Mohammad Hajaj. I am currently finshing my last year in uni in Journalism. I can't wait to have a documentary movie about Palestine.My family and
i have been in USA for 4+yrs. I really wish to get in touch with all those from Alma, specially the ones living abroad Please e mail me and let the families get in touch. Salam Jamee3an...
Nadaytuka ya Watani Radda Ismuka Assada, Hubbi laka sar ka shawqin ta7requhu fil qalbi nar al hawa...
Posted by AHMAD ATIE on AUGUST-3-2005 #9330

Iam Ahmad youssef Atie the son of the late Youssef Hmayid I was born in lebanon in 1948 outside my village ALMA
Auther of ((Alma Zaitonat Bilad Safad))
Bublished on November 29/ 1998
My brother and I have tried to collect some of the customs and the traditions our grandfathers used in our village before 1948. We tried to make everybody remember the past of their grandfathers, hoping that we all return back to our homeland one day in the soon future.

Thanks for all who can join this web site and give any more details about our village ((ALMA))
Posted by AKA on JUNE-30-2005 #9070

I am Adel Kassem Aina, My grandfather is mohammad aina (abu aata), i live in america now but i promise you all that my children wil be plastenian and will be raised as good palestinians just the way my dad raised me.. assalmu 3alykom ya ahle
Posted by Naji EL-Haj Khalil on MAY-13-2005 #8771

I am Naji EL-HajKhalil. My Father is abo Naji ( Mohammad EL-HajKhalil. I was born in the refugee camp Tel Zaater in Libanon.My father was expelled from ALma / Palestine in 1948 as he was 10 years old.
I am really surprised of what I have seen of my village ALMA . We will never foreget our homeland Palestine . We shall return no doubts to palestine. This day is coming very soon. Teach your sons and daughters to love Palestine and never forget it. Salam ALykom ahel ALMA all wherever you are.
Posted by Asaba Owerri on MAY-12-2005 #8768

Posted by on APRIL-6-2005 #8632

السلام عليكم يا اهالي علما

يوسف عطية (المانيا)
Posted by Mahmoud Abbas - Abu Moujahed on MARCH-26-2005 #8560

If the faith of the majority of Palestginian people have be refugees for more than 56 years and splet everywhere on this Planet,, Iam sure the day of our return and reunification as before of the Israeli occupation as much as far but will come, when if not my self, but my children or even garnd children come to Alma vilage to rebuild again and live happy
in peace and freedom.. It's oppotunity to greet my family and relative of Alma and all Palestinians in and out of occupied Palestine.. The main is to teach our children to love Palestine and to know it's desarve to the sacrifice. Iam looking for that day of leberation and return.. No depression, no giveup,, but determination with strong will forward to Alma and all Palestine...

Mahmoud M. Abbas-Abu Moujahed
Posted by Alaaiddin Ajjawi on FEBRUARY-17-2005 #8383

Hi for all people visit this site ,I hope to return for my land alma Inshaallah.
Posted by Deeb Abbas on JANUARY-17-2005 #8204

asalamo alykom ya ahil Alma,
Posted by luai el haj on DECEMBER-3-2004 #7942

salamat everybody ,
it was really nice to see that much of people.. that wanna know about .. our homeland palestine..
my name is Luai Walid El Haj .i was born in nahr el bared camp north of lebanon. im in montreal canada since two years .. i would like to ask everyone that signed here or will sign in the future.. to tell everyone.. specailly young people.. that dunno that much about palestine (alma) or any city or village there ..just because we need young people of our expected future.. and to keep understanding everything going there . and to be sure that the coming generation will know better and better about palestine
Posted by Ziad Fares Mustafa on DECEMBER-3-2004 #7941

Thanks for the wonderful pictures. First time I see the sights of Alma and Safad, where my parents had a house and where they were thrown out in 1948.
Posted by Warde Alhajj on OCTOBER-24-2003 #5033

Hello my name is Warde Abbas Alhajj-Bint Ahmed "Abou Khader" Abbas. I was born in Tal El-Zaater, Lebannon. I am living in Canada with my family, and I, too, long to return to my beloved homeland-Palestine. Like everyone on this list, my roots trace back Alma. I am so happy to have come across this site to see so many of my relatives. Inshallah we will all unite one day in our native village. Keep the Faith.

Warde Alhajj
Posted by Warde Alhajj on OCTOBER-24-2003 #5032

My name is Warde Abbas Alhajj- Bint Ahmed "Abou Kkhader" Abbas. I was born in Tal El-Zaater. I am living in Canada with my family, and long for the day I return to my homeland-Palestine. Alma is my native village, and like everyone on this list, I long for the day I return. Inshallah we will fulfill our rightful dream one day. Take care and keep the faith.

Warde Alhajj

Asalamo Alaikom,

What a coencidence!!!! my sister sent me the link to this site so I can see OUR HOMELAND ALMA !!! this was many months ago!!! and now when I FINALLY got the chance to visit the link I find myself replying after my both sisters msgs!!! sub7an ALLAH inshallah netjama3 be falastine baladna we Alma mant2etna ...... This is a great site JAZAKOM ALLAHU KHAYRAN for publishing it in this great serious way that keeps palistine's truth everywhere...ANNASR KAREEB INSHALLAH!!
I'm sure we are all here on this msg board related hope we can make it some day and at least gather to chat so when it's meant for us to meet we can know each other :)
Posted by Latifa Abdollah Ali Soleiman on MAY-14-2003 #4095

Alsalamo alaykom wa rahmato Allah wa barakato,
Gazakom Allah kol keir for this great site, we really nead it , and for the pictures, every thing, it feels like visiting home and saying hi to you neighbers, I send you all my prayers to live the best life fy ta3at Allah, and to reach the day that gathers all of us in OUR HOME LAND ALMA, and take a trip together to pray in Al Aqsa, why dont we set up a date to chat together , we need be communicate that will make us stronger for sure ???? tell me what u think ... My name is Latifa Abdullah Ali Souleiman , my Gradfather is from Alma he had a house and a huge amount of land there, his dad was El Mokhtar... we still have hope to get them back ... and we will maybe our children but we will in sha Allah...
Posted by nada sleiman on MAY-10-2003 #4084

salamo 3alaikom ya ahl 3alma baladi:
i was born in egypt and im living there now,my father was born in palestine before they where forced 2 leave, im very happy with this web site its a great job, its a great thing to meet the people of ALMA from all over the world. i hope we can live together again in ALMA
inshaALLAH al nasr kareeb
my name is nada AbduLLAH Ali Sleiman
Posted by Ahmad Abbas on JANUARY-5-2003 #3595

My name is Ahmad Abbas (Ibn Mohamed Deeb Abbas-Abu Ahmad)
I was born in Tel al-Zaater(Lebanon).I have been living in Enkoping, SWEDEN for the last 11 years.
I would like to thank who ever participated in this website.
Thank you all for this great site.
You have done a great job.
Posted by Rima Alhajj on NOVEMBER-19-2002 #3391

Dearest and most precious people of Alma,
I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the establishment of this fabulous webpage. I have a feeling (from reading the other signiture comments) that others feel as good as I do about this wonderful website. I cried so hard when I read people's comments in the guestbook, mainly because my heart was breaking over Alma and also because I have a feeling that some of the signed guests are relatives of mine. I wish we could be living together in Alma....or anywhere in Palestine. I yern for the day I can live on OUR land and feel free. Salam everyone. Keep the faith.....we cannot afford to lose it. Palestine needs us.
Posted by Salim El_Haj Khalil on NOVEMBER-10-2002 #3350

Hey all my landsmen!
Thank you all for this great site.
Remember ALMA and donnot forget it, keep it in your heart.

I'am very pleased that we further more can contact each other through this site.
I'll send El_Haj Khalil familytree soon.
I'am working over the other ALMA familytrees.
Posted by Mohammad Elhajkhalil on NOVEMBER-5-2002 #3336

It is a very good work...
keep it up...
Posted by Kassem Elhajj on OCTOBER-31-2002 #3301

Alsalamu Alaikum ya ahil albalad around the globe

I would like to thank whoever participated in this website. You have done a great job. I think we should pass this website address to everyone from Alma. I think we should create another space and call it ؟Memories or stories from Alma؟. This, of course, stories from our elders who were born there.

My name is Kassem Elhajj (ibin Mohamed Salim Abu Ahmed, rahimaho Allah). I was born in Tel Al Zaater. I have been living in Arlington, Texas for the last 22 years. Currently, I am working for the City of Dallas, Texas.
Posted by AKRAM EL-TAYEA on OCTOBER-30-2002 #3300

Hi all..I am AKRAM EL-TAYEA, born in lebanon, but now living in Sydney, Australia. My mother Hawwa Suleiman is from Alma. All what i can say, is lets gather our efforts to get somewhere. Obviously, all of us has something to serve in his domain. All notes or comments are welcomed at:
Posted by Ayman Alaina on MAY-15-2002 #1966

It is clear that a great job was done to complete this site.

It really gave me a feeling that we r still attached to our villages and home land.

Proud to be palestinian and God bless our palestine.

keep it up and for sure we will achieve our dream in our state

ayman alaina
Posted by mahmoud ajjawi on MAY-10-2002 #1933

hi. for all my pepole. and we shall returen to our home shaellah
Posted by yasser ali ajjawi on MARCH-25-2002 #1507

i am staying in bahrain for more than 30 years born at rashidia my grand father died resently mohd saleh ajjawi having ali ,taleb(God bless him),and mahmood,also my anti maryam & fatima staying in ain alhelwa
Posted by luai el haj on DECEMBER-24-2001 #1126

hi every body
it is very nice to meet each other
Posted by Qasem Ajjawi on DECEMBER-17-2001 #1092

My name is Qasem Ajjawi from Al-Rashidiah camp in the south of Lebanon, but originally from Alma, living in Sweden now, i would like to have a contact with any one from my village Alma.
Posted by Husain Saleh on NOVEMBER-14-2001 #958

Please review also a fabulous book by W. Kha=lidi "All that rtemains".
Posted by Mohamed on NOVEMBER-4-2001 #897

Assalam Aleikom ya abnaa' balady:

I'm Deaibes Mohamed originally from Alma, and I want to know all people from my village. Please be free email or call me.

Tel:-+ 49 172 1490788
Posted by HAJJAJ on OCTOBER-15-2001 #816

Hi !!

Thx for the pepole how have done this great JOB. I just whant to add that may father was born on 'ALMA, and when the Zionists came to Palistine and throw out the REAL owner of the land, our family was ethnically cleansed to Lebanon, and there I was born at TAL-ALZAATAR...refugee camp.
Any way, I just want you also to know that currently we are living at SWEDEN. we are still waitnig for the day to go back home.
Thx again ......
Posted by Ghinwa on AUGUST-13-2001 #625

Salamat to all:
My name is Ghinwa Naboulsi, and i was born in Berlin. Currently, I study Arab literature (adab) and Islamic sciences (3ilm al islami) in Berlin-Germany.
My Father, Abdul Rahman Naboulsi, was born in 'Alma. Also my grandfather, from my mothers side, Falah Ajjawi was born, lived and fought the Zionist invaders in 'Alma.
I'm VERY happy that we have a homepage about Filisteen and 'Alma. Inshaallah, we shall return to Filisteen in the near future.