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Posted by علي عزيز شهابي on JULY-31-2008 #47773

بسم اللة الرحمن الرحيم اشكر كل الدين ساهمو و اتمنى ان يكون الشرح اوسع و مبسطة لتصل المعلومة لكل الاجيال كي لا ننسى
Posted by Rola on MAY-18-2008 #38464

I am Proud to be Palestinian and more proud to be from Arab Al Zubayd
Posted by IkIk on MAY-15-2006 #10791

I have a sad longing for Palestine..every inch of it..I TREASURE U PPL..MY FLESH MY BLOOD I LOVE YOU ALL!!SAIL OVER MY VEINS!!:D:D
Posted by Khaled Ahmed Ibrahim Alzubaydi on DECEMBER-25-2005 #10072

I want to thank you all for this site, Palestine in our heart now it in our hand, thanks to you. And as my Big Brother ALI said before sooner or later WE WILL BE BACK.

My Love My Live My Heart is for Palestine
Posted by Yemany on SEPTEMBER-7-2004 #7477

Thanks a lot for these marvellous information.Am also Al Zubaidy but I lost contacts with all ma family chain of ancestors.I would like to contacts all Alzubaidys.Thank you.
Posted by Haithum Zubaidi on NOVEMBER-9-2001 #917

I have been attempting to research into my family name and have found out about Arab Al-Zubayds fate.
The people who perpetrated these crimes will face justice in eternity.
Posted by ALI IBRAHIM AL-ZUBAYADI on OCTOBER-15-2001 #821

I would like to thank you for the informations about my family
and about my village.
We shall return back, to Palestine, sooner or later.
Posted by raechil adams on SEPTEMBER-30-2001 #777

To Arab al zubayd and all palestinians
Sooner or later you will go home
I am very impressed by the palestinians and their determination to go back to their homeland despite the long suffering they went through over the last century