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Posted by Houchi on DECEMBER-28-2017 #158804


I'm from Algeria. I'm working on film about this village. If you are witness or you know witness or you have any documents that can help to narrate the story of this amazing village are more than welcome. Waiting for your mail: .

Thanks in advance.
Posted by abeer zerood on APRIL-20-2008 #35359

انا عبير اصلي من ديشوم و مولودة في لبنان_صيدا و اوجه تحية الى كل اهالي بلدتي الحبيبة ديشوم و انا حابة كتير انو اتعرف على بلدي و اهل بلدي و شكرا و الى الملتقى القريب ان شاء الله في فلسطين الحبيبة و خصوصا على ارض ديشوم و دمتم
Posted by moun elhajj on MARCH-17-2008 #31957

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الاخوه كل زوار الموقع تحياتي لكم وخصوصا اهالي بلدة ديشوم المناضلين ، قريبا سنضع اسماء العائلات وبعض الصور وفيلم عن بلدة ديشوم ونصحح بعض المعلومات .
امل من لديه اي مستند او صوره عن بلدة ديشوم ان يعرضه على الموقع او يرسله الى بريدي ولكم الشكر والتحيات .
واننا لعائدون بأذن الله ولن نرضى عن فلسطين بديل يرونها بعيده ونراها قريبه وانا لصادقون ونحن على يقين اننا عائدون
Posted by M. Mizyan on DECEMBER-14-2004 #7993

Assalamu alaikum
I'm from Dayshum (originally)I've never been there but I love my village too mutch, I hear alot from my parents about Dayshum.I'm looking for pictures from the village and I like to have more contacts with frinds from Deyshum. Deyshum as all Palestin still be in heart, we w'll teach this love to our childeren.
assalamu alaikum
Posted by Aban on DECEMBER-29-2003 #5362

I have been to the village Dayshom few times and took some pictures. I live in Palestine. If you need any pictures, just email me please..
Posted by amazigh on APRIL-28-2003 #4025

I am Amazigh from KABYLIA TIZI OUZOU
My project is DAYSHUM HISTORY AND CULTURE, i started it in 1998, and i need your help whith photos, studies, documents,..
I have friends from DAYSHUM in SYRIA and LIBANON, but i would like to have more friends from this village anywhere in the world.
My e-mail addresse is
Posted by amazigh on APRIL-26-2003 #4015

My name is M .Amazigh, i am from tizi ouzou "tamurt l-lqbayel" ,my preject is (Dayshum history and cultur). i do not know much about this village , but my fiends of dayshum have informed me interesting and attractive things about this small quite and nice's like "tamurt lleqbayel" in algeria
-I would like to have more friends from this village anywhere in the world.
-I would like to have more informations about this nice village.My e-mail is:
Posted by Mohammed Saffory on SEPTEMBER-19-2002 #3143

hello am mohammed yousef mohammed from safforia and i dono any thing about my country please if any one know more and have pictures and things send me at my email and thx for the people tey did this site cos its nice :)
Posted by yousef lutfi on APRIL-24-2002 #1789

Dear All:

My name is Yousef Abd al-Ghani. I am from Saffuriyya (Nazareth) and my fiancé is from Dayshum. I do not know enough information about the town, but it seems that its people are so kind and they respect others and love each other. I would like to get more information about this town, especially after getting to married to one of you.

Best regards.
Posted by Moussa Osman on MARCH-14-2002 #1462

My name is Moussa Osman, i am from Safforya(Nazareth), my wife is from Dyshoum. i do not know much about this village neither i know about mine, but my uncle(the father of my wife ) has informed me interesting and attractive things about this small quite and nice village.
i would like to have friends from this village anywhere in the world.
u may contact me on
Posted by mohammad farhat on DECEMBER-28-2001 #1136

Posted by Susan Yahya on DECEMBER-16-2001 #1088

I am very happy to find such information about my village Dayshum. I can't believe it. Yes I am from this village and I heard a lot about it from my relatives. I would like to add that the last chief of the village "The Mokhtar" was Mr. Abdurrahman Al-Mizari and he lived in Lebanon since 1948 until he died there in 1987.
Posted by me_simply on SEPTEMBER-9-2001 #738

salam ismail..
i will be more welcomed to be a friend of urs..
i like this town for special reasons and i wish that we will be back to our lovely land palestine so i can be able to visit my village and this town too.. me_simply
Posted by Ismail on JUNE-24-2001 #418

I will be always waiting for that the day of our return & victory. I can not wait to go back to raped country, our blessesd Palestine
I'm eager to contact any person who would like to be my friend, you're more than welcome.