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Posted by Ali Chahrour on NOVEMBER-10-2011 #139474

Salam Alaykom ya ahl honin, ahl el 3ezz wal awadem insalah be ezn rabna rah terga3 la ahl balada
Posted by Mohammad Maatouk on OCTOBER-21-2010 #124137

مرحباً أبناء قريتي الاعزاء الآن يمكنكم مشاركتنا على الموقع اللبناني الخاص ببلدتنا هونين و هو :
و شكراً.
Posted by ابو علي حلمي on JULY-11-2010 #117355

مع اجمل تحيات اهل هونين في بقاع العالم-
راجعين يا هونين .طولنا الغيبه عليكي. سامحي اجدادنا واباءنا عن الماضي
قدموا الغالي والنفيس ضد العدو الصهيوني المدعوم من الاستعمار.
بس اليوم غير البارحه -الصهاينه راح يدفعوا الثمن غالي لانك انتي غاليه ياهونين.
واعدوا لهم مااصطتعتم من قوه
Posted by hassan hassoun on AUGUST-27-2008 #50454

ya hala be ahale honeen kelon wala shi be kaber el aleb 2ino shoof sowar la honeen hal baldi le ma 3eshet feeha w ma b3refa bas deyman feeh 7anen bshedny 2ela w 5astan hla2 ba3ed ma shefet el sowar w nshala mnrga3 3lyha goodluck
Posted by محمود برجاوي on AUGUST-23-2008 #50046

تحية الى كل ابناء هونين المنتشرين في كل انحاء العالم ,اما بالنسبة لماذا هونين موجودة على هذا الموقع فهذا امر طبيعي لحالة التزاوج الموجودة بين الارض اللبنانية والفلسطينية ولا فرق لاين تنتمي هونين المهم انها محتلة وارتبطت باشرف قضية وستحرر على ايدي الشرفاء باذن الله
محمود برجاوي فنزويلا
Posted by Ali Allouch on JANUARY-2-2008 #26436

Salam every body.
My name Ali Allouch from Germany i find this page about Hunin very interesting. I hope we can get more pictures und information. I want thanks for Samy Kleit for this nice pictures and ask him also how we can visit Hunin if it impossible or no?
Posted by Raneen G. on DECEMBER-24-2007 #25861

سلام اصدقائي

اسمهي رنين من حيفا فلسطين
اقوم بدراسه حول قرية هونين وابحث عن شهادات للاجئين ولاجئات من القرية

هل تستطيعون مساعدتي


Posted by fayad on NOVEMBER-23-2007 #23987

my e-mail
Posted by Fayad on NOVEMBER-23-2007 #23986

salam to all,im from germany and im from hunin and hunin is acountry from lebanon ,i hope if any body me helping cann,because im writing a history from hunin and i need enough picture or moviesand i want to tell does im very happy about this work in this page it is very very fine,please tell me if you want ot help me,very thanks all

Mr Fayad from germany hunin
Posted by Guess on NOVEMBER-3-2007 #22833

Hi dear all, Sha7rour is right we are lebanese, all my respect la2ahel palestine wardha el tahra
Posted by Sha7rour on SEPTEMBER-6-2007 #20037

Hi hounen's people how are you but keep in ur mind we r lebanese
Posted by hunin girl on MAY-2-2007 #15357

ahel hunin a7la 3alam be kil l 3alam
Posted by ali on MARCH-31-2007 #14675

يعطيكم العافية شباب وصبايا هونين
انا مستغرب ليش هونين موجودة على هذه الصفحة الخاصة بالقرى الفلسطينية مع احترامي لفلسطين وللفلسطينيين لكن هونين لبنانية ويجب ان ننتبه لهذا ولا ننسى اننا لبنانيين
Posted by Ibn Hunin on MARCH-18-2007 #14452

2ana min hoonien 2ard el 7oreie w 2ard 2ajdedi kellon. w hoonien 3a2ida 3a2ida 3a2ida la2asla el lobneni wlal jomhoreie el lebnenie w 7a tet7ara nchallah 3ala 2ayde Hezbollah. w ta7iye la kel hooniene bel 3alam.
Posted by Sami Kleit on FEBRUARY-7-2007 #13616

ahla w sahla la kell hounini fel 3alam... allah ma3 hounin el ghali, inshallah someday we will have this town back... i'm working on adding more and more material abt our village to this page... feel free to mail me.
Posted by Mariam Mauzi on OCTOBER-20-2006 #11829

I am from beloved Hunin,I think Some History and Geography should be added to the site,as well about the citizens of Hunin .These are required for the importance of preserving our right in our land and to keep communication channels among Hunini population ,especially due to the bittered fact that many of us don't know about their relatives and the friends of their father for example.The old generation and the new generation should have better connections even if this connection was from far.we were exiled out of our land But no body can get Hunin out of our dreams and memories
Posted by Tomer Gardi on OCTOBER-2-2006 #11695

Dear All
My name is Tomer Gardi, from Tel-Aviv. I am an activist in the organization "Zochrot", aimed at bringing the Palestinian Nakba to the knowledge and awareness of Israelis. I am currently writing a big research about Hunin and would like to get any help you can give me, with documents, photographs, testimonies, anything at all. I would be very greatful to get any help you can give so the village of Hunin and its history will be better known to everybody
Please send anything you have to my email
Posted by Haj mohamad chahrour on AUGUST-31-2006 #11504

ahlan bikel wa7ad men hounen w 2nshalah rej3en 3ala ard jdudna ne7na mabnensa ardna biljenoub jede (Oba) moktar hounen cheker feres chahrour baye haj hassan cheker feres chahrour.
Posted by houdroge on AUGUST-27-2006 #11471

raj3een ya hunin
Posted by Chahrour.M on JANUARY-12-2006 #10144

2ne men hunin ajdede killon men hunin 2sm 2l3aile chahrour

jede moktar hunin Cheker Fares Chahrour

salam 3al kil wa7ad men Hunin
Posted by hasoun on JULY-2-2005 #9084

I am happy to sign here.I hope that we return as soon as posiple (: