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Kafr Bir'im - كفر برعم : The Proud Church Of Kafr Bir'im Remains Standing, 1972
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Kafr Bir'im - كفر برعم : The Proud Church Of Kafr Bir'im Remains Standing, 1972

Posted by Prince, Peaceful Israeli Uploaded on June 16, 2001
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Posted by Mariam Elyoussef-Hunt on September 2, 2013 #152423

when I look pictures of Kafar Bir"im I always remember the stories my mother and father used to tell us. how wonderful it use to be living around family and friends. I love their stores about the figs and grapes orchids.
Posted by Mariam eLYOUSSEF-hUNT on September 2, 2013 #152422

Posted by grshakour on September 24, 2012 #146246

yes it is the church that bishop Harcourt describe it is beautiful and will remain as he describe it to all of us the soes of birem evet where
Posted by evan on November 28, 2008 #58231

In the book "Blood Brothers", Elias Chacour says of growing up in the village of Biram:

"We were all proud of our school, just as we were proud of the lofty church across the small courtyard, which the people of Biram had also built stone by stone. Pride overruling modesty, they had named the church Notre Dame."

Could this be the church he describes?