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Safad - صفد : A cluster of LOOTED/STOLEN houses in the old city of Safad, 1990s
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Safad - صفد : A cluster of <b>LOOTED/STOLEN</b> houses in the old city of Safad, 1990s

  Uploaded on December 3, 2000

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Posted by ouri ham on July 28, 2013 #152140

the land and the hills is owned by the israelus. bezn alla abadan lam taoudo.
Posted by دانييل العربي on September 16, 2010 #121534

palestine for plaestinans and the hill for jews
Posted by daniel on September 12, 2010 #121277

הרובע היהודי בצפת
Posted by Mazin Al Nahawi on April 1, 2010 #108466

@zcac89 I tried several time to respond to your email, but there was an error message every time I tried.
You mentioned my grandfather in your email, Abud Al Rahman Al Nahawi, a lawyer who became refugee with his family in Syria in 1948, and you maybe knew my father in this case, he was the third oldest son. I am sorry for the harsh words in my comments but I didn't understand your focus on one house and questing the integrity of this site, meanwhile forgetting the lost of thousands of Palestinians houses, and country.
As my grandfather I do have problem with Zionists but not with Jews, as you mentioned he was a friend of your father and I do have Jewish friends as well, and I am glad that they understand Zionism and its racist core.
Peace, Shalom, Salam
Posted by Mazin Al Nahawi on March 28, 2010 #108096

Please don't mention word integrity. If you were born in Safad in 1931 then you are a Palestinian if you like or not, regardless of your religion.
By ignoring this fact and associating yourself with the illegal colonial settler state, which built on ethnic cleansing, this would say a lot about your own integrity, and loyalty to your community. But this is the feeling of a racist Zionist.
Posted by zcac89 on February 19, 2010 #104140

one of your picture so called looted shows my house where i was born in 1931 in the jewish section and was never looted.where is your integrity
Posted by روحي طالب الخطيب on November 5, 2007 #22948

سنعود يوماً رغم الاحتلال بإذن الله
Posted by عامر on October 11, 2007 #21508

احلى من فلسطين ما في
حتى لو اليهود فيها بضل بلدنا ونفديها بعيونا
وتحيا فلسطين
Posted by SAEED AL-SAHLI on February 2, 2007 #13400

i wanna thank you for emazing site