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Memories of Safsaf
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Mohammad Abdallah Edghaim on April 25, 2001
The Immortal Memories of Safsaf /Palestine are Immuned against Death

I was born in Safsaf and lived there happily all my childhood till I was 15 years old. I attended Elementary school there, and then completed 7th Elem.Class in Jish and 1st Secondary Class in Safad Secondary School. And of course I still remember and will never ever forget every single place and moment I lived there. Up till this moment my soul is still living there since we were Ethnically Cleansed out of our dearest Land . Again of course I would never ever trade Safsaf/Palestine for any place, neither on Earth nor in Heaven . I with my children and grand grand children desperately want and will go back to Safsaf/Palestine (Our Paradise) sooner or later regardless of time or anything else.

Oct.29, 1948 was our last night in Safsaf . There was a real battle and fierce attacks from Jews Israeli Army using all different artilleries and weapons including tanks and plane bombardness which was met with fierce resistance from Safsaf people along hand in hand with The Arab Liberation Army, who defended the village for hours and hours, from 4pm.till the morning. Unfortunately Beit Jun Drooze helped the Israeli army to defeat and take over Safsaf, Jish, Taytaba,Ras al-Ahmar, Sa'sa', Alma and Kofr Bira'm.

At about 9pm my family and about 25 others from the Zaghmout , Edghaim, Younis and Hamad family were trying to burry Mohammad Mahmoud Naser Zaghmout
(The well known Hadda & Singer in Al-Jaleel ) who was killed from the Israeli airplane bombing in Al-Sahl Al-Gharbi,Vine (Grapes) Kroum . Also there were some injured, with minor injuries and my mother was one of them. Then we heard the Jews and some Dorooze talking in Arabic and Hebro near us and firing guns with bullets like rain over us and towards our village , while our defending fighters were expecting the Jews from the eastside .Now here they are from the westside coming from Beit Jun. Seeing that, one of our elderly cousins suggested that we move slowly north towards the valley between Jish and Sa'sa' for a while or we would be all killed .In the morning of Oct.30th,1948 we found ourselves crossing to Yaroun/Lebanon with other thousands of people from other villages.

As for more than 75% of the population of Safsaf inside the siege of the village and according to my two fellow childhood and classmates ,Saleem and Shehadeh along with my own uncle (an elderly man of 80 years who passed away in Ein Al-Helweh Refugee Camp in Lebanon ) told me what they had personally eye-witnessed in the morning of Oct.30th,1948. The Jews gathered all the people on the Bayader and the second massacre started, shooting at the people and over their heads and randomly to terrorize them, then later chose more than 70 young men, Blind Folded them, and executed them by firing heavily on them, killing the seventy young men. That is in addition to four women and a girl were raped in front of all people. Also Shehadeh and Saleem eye-witnessed their uncle Abd Ahmad Shraydeh killed by an Israeli soldier with an Axe dividing his head immediately into two parts sending him to death instantly. Also a Dirzi Soldier fired at Ahmad Azizi (Hamzeh) then took a cup of his running Blood, DRANK some and offered the rest to another Israeli soldier and drank together towards the occasion. When Azizi, Ahmad's pregnant-mother saw that , got mad with her elderly mother, both started screaming , cursing ,crying loudly , had a hysterical fit , they throw stones at the soldiers, then Azizi threw her 18 month-old daughter at them not knowing what she was doing. A soldier came near them shot the old grandmother, then STABBED Pregnant Azizi in her Belly with a Bayonet. ' She carried on cursing and saying 'You killed my husband, my son, my daughter, my old mother, my infant and my unborn baby inside me, you Cruel Savage Jews, come back and shoot me and he did instantly ' . Saleem Swore to God more than ten times that he had eye-witnessed this not believing his eyes and to him it was worse than a nightmare. Shehadeh fainted and was terrorized to death. What can be more than such cruel acts and savage treatment' I cannot believe and imagine such hatred worse than that anywhere on Earth exists .

The second day the Israelis chose few elderly men with five or six young boys and (Saleem & Shehadeh ) were among them , in order to collect the corpses scattered in and outside the village under the threats of bayonets and bullets of Jews and Drooze , then helped in burying the corpses of the martyrs and threw them all in a big ditch in and around Ain Al-Safsaf ( A very deep and big Water Spring ) Then the Jews bulldozed and leveled the Ain over them. At about sunset The Israeli Army drove every single living person OUT to Wadi Al-Jish, firing at them like a cattle, even worse with bullets like rain over their heads, killing two more men and injuring many others and shouting at them in Arabic and Hebro saying ' We Jews , don't want to see any living soul to stay nor live in Safsaf ,Yalla go to Lebanon, tell your Arab Leaders and Their Freedom Liberation Army what you have seen and happened ' . They made sure that people reached Yaroun in Lebanon .They added that the Israeli Army was trying to take over this area since April through October and tens and tens of their soldiers were killed and lost in this battle. You Safsaf people deserve more than that. I forgot to mention that there were more than fifty other persons and soldiers from The Freedom Liberation Army and people from outside Safsaf ,
Temporary were living there, were killed in the battle and their corpses were scattered here and there, in and outside the village, & their names were not known .

As for us the story of wandering has just started like most our native Palestinians .We changed places taking refuge in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and many other countries. Now talking about my family we lived in Burj El-Shamali Camp for Refugees near Tyre/Lebanon, then Sidon,Tripoli , Mina and later in Nahr El-Bared Refugee Camp. Regardless of the suffering and what we had experienced , became the WANDERERS on Earth like most our fellow Native Palestinians. I could be one of thousand examples, even more, of our Palestinian People who struggled hard and inscribed with their Nails, Hands , Brains, (Even Mouths,as my second Son Hisham was later paralyzed by an accident and now earns his living as an artist by drawing with his Mouth) and with such a strong will trying to overcome the continued disaster and come back to life again. I worked continuously very hard to finance my family ever since we were Ethnically Cleansed from Safsaf/Palestine. Later got married , educated my four brothers, 2 with University Degrees, the other two and a sister with Secondary Education .Then back to myself, having 5 children , went back to university (The American University in Beirut) AUB , graduated with BA Degree. My five children , 3 sons and 2 daughters graduated from universities with BA Degrees, after spending most of my life working in the Gulf Countries, namely Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (Many, many thanks to them and appreciated). Now I am a retired Ailing Young/ Old Man Spiritually Live in SAFSAF.

By the way our village Safsaf took its name from the safsaf tree by The Romans because it had many safsaf trees and running water springs . Safsaf means in English the Weeping Willow. Wherever I lived , I planted one or two safsaf trees around my house to be with me. Now I am over 68 years of age and at least I have a weekly if not a daily dream living in Safsaf/Palestilne playing with my fellow classmates on the Bayader. This is what is helping me to overcome my Ailing Heart Problems and many other severe Health Problems. I lived in Safsaf/Palestine 15 years BUT Safsaf/Palestine are still living in me, in my Heart FOR EVER. There is no JUSTICE in this so called Civilized WORLD !!!!!!.

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Posted by Husam Edghaim on July 28, 2014 #154835

رحمك الله يا أبا حسام . لقد وثقت الكثير عن قريتنا الحبيبه الصفصاف