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Posted by Silvana Taleb on MARCH-31-2008 #33306


My grandad was from salha... I have heard that he was one of the people that were lined up to be shot. He lay on the floor as if he was shot, and when the Israelis left he fled to Bint Jbeil were i am guessing he met my grandmother!!!

I am so happy to see a site like this, especially to mention the seven villages... sometimes I wonder if they ever existed due to the lack of information... This is reassuring!!

I now reside in Sydney Australia... would love to visit salha one day!!
Posted by kholoud Abed Ahmed kassir on AUGUST-18-2007 #19256

Am from Salha, my father born the day of Salha occupation by the jews . Still remember my homeland and would ever never forget it. Thanks for this site and i will keep in touch with all those related to saliha. Am living in Saudi and married to a palestinian and proud to be
Posted by Ahmad zeidan Salhah on DECEMBER-11-2006 #12244

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته
جزاكم الله خيرا على هذا الموقع الجميل
وأسأل الله أن يرجع لنا هذه الأرض الطاهرة تحت حكم الإسلام وأسأل الله أن يرجع حكم الإسلام إلى كل بقاع الأرض وصلى الله على نبينا محمد والحمد لله
Posted by HusseinMostapha on SEPTEMBER-4-2006 #11528

Thankyou to this great site. I am the grandchld of Ahmed Mostapha. My grandfather was a wealthy land owner in Salha, before the invasion. I hear great stories from my grandmother. My father was born on the journey from Salha to Bourj Al shamali, after the invasion. I am told had they have stayed, I would not be alive.I now live in Sydney, Australia. I just wanted to leave my mark, and thank the creators of this site for ensuring our history is never forgotten.
Posted by solomon Marni on JULY-27-2006 #11230

Its wonderful to see such an informed web page about the unforgotten tows I love. congratulations.
Posted by Hamudi on NOVEMBER-24-2005 #9934

Helle assallamo aliekom... Salha, Terbikha, malkiye Qaddas, hounine, Nabi yusha, and irbil qamah is lebanese... So if u can write that.. It wil be a plesaure...
Posted by moutaz83 on JANUARY-16-2003 #3656

Hi my name is Moutaz shennawi from lebanon my grandparent name is Ramziyeh Taleb ... ehhehe maybe we r relative man ,, she is also from akka i wish u can send for me an email to if u read my msg bye bye
Posted by Ibrahim Taleb on FEBRUARY-21-2002 #1345

This is a great great great effort by the people who made this valuable information available.I'm sure that Palestine,all Palestine will never ever be forgotten and will be always remembered as long as there is people who have genuine feelings like the auther/s of this site.
Well done and keep up the fantastic work