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Posted by Jenna on JANUARY-7-2022 #161908

Jenna from Farrade now in california. Hoping we all meet in a liberated Palestine inshaAllah
Posted by Farrade on JULY-22-2012 #145231

Al salamo3alekom my name is Ala Hassan, from Farrade Falastin born in camp vevel in balabeek, i live in sweden
Posted by Dr.Hicham Awad on FEBRUARY-24-2012 #141993

تحياتي الى جميع اهل فراضيه في جميع انحاءالعالم
اتمنى لكم الخير والسعاده
ابنكم وأخوكم
هشام ابن عيد النجيب
Posted by Samir Badran on JANUARY-25-2011 #129613

Ahla Salam la KUL ahel Farrade!

My name is Samir Badran, Son of Ahmed Badran (Abu Isam), living in Denmark.
I am proud to see so many farrarda in here. I have just started a facebook community-site called:
Farradiyya, Safad district, Palestine.!/pages/Farradiyya-Safad-District-Palestine/124262144309393

Please go and check the site and join us!

It's the best way of communication!
Posted by Dr.Hicham Awad on MARCH-2-2010 #105323

Iam Hicham Awad,my Father is Eid Elnagib.
Geeting from Berlin for all Farradiyya people
Posted by Dr.Hicham Awad on MARCH-2-2010 #105321

Hi,Iam Hicham Awad ,my Father is Eid Alnajib.
Greeting from Berlin for all Farradiyya people.
Posted by عبد شمس on APRIL-25-2009 #75151

عليكم الشلام اخي بدراني
أهلا و سهلا فيك بين أهلك و اهل فراضي
Posted by محمد فايز on OCTOBER-25-2008 #55627

السلام عليكم اهل فراضي انا بدراني ولكن سقطت الكنبه من جواز السفر بسبب الظروف الواضحه سميت محمد فايز اسماعيل واولاد عمي من الفاعور وبدران والحسين وكروم واسماعيل بالطبع تحياتي الى اهل فراضي جمبعا
Posted by KARRUM on JUNE-11-2008 #41601

لسلام عليكم

am palestinan from farriadia
but now am in DANMARK
am 41 years old
my total name is FOUAD KARRUM
Posted by wisam karroum on FEBRUARY-19-2008 #29462

hey , im wisam karroum , palestenian from farradyyi
i was born in lebanon
( ekleem al kharoob / mazbood ) im living now in Dubai UAE.
Posted by abir faour on JULY-8-2007 #17764

hi, my name abir khaled faour from australia.
salam ela kol ahel baladi. mabsota lema3refat ba3d elasm2a.
Posted by Mona on JANUARY-6-2007 #12461

Hi. I am Palestinian from Denmark
I am very proud palestinian, and I lover my country Palestine.
Posted by Nayef El Ali on JULY-9-2006 #11115

I'm Nayef El Ali. Named after my grandfather "Nayef El Hussein.
I was amazed by the site. I hope it would help us to communicate with each others espiaclly all of us are spreaded around the world.
Posted by Mohammed Saleh on JANUARY-11-2006 #10134

Iam 20 years old and live in Denmark. am also from Farradiyya
Posted by Salim Assi on JUNE-24-2005 #9013

Iam palestinian from Baalbeck-Libanon and I live in Denmark.
I belong to Farradi as som as my parents who told us about our village and our land totally and iam proud for such belonging.
Posted by Adam shames on JUNE-9-2005 #8905

Hello all, Iam Abed ALkader Shames, I born in lebanon but my origin,...
Im from this village(Farradiyeh), my grandfather's family originally from shames family..
this website is very important for us especiality we didnt see our country already we just live with stories told us grands,and the pictures as well..and we will never forgt that we have right to return , and we will live there in fact.
best wishes for you all
Posted by Salem on MAY-17-2005 #8792

My family came originally from Al-Farradiyah. I am Salem Hani Saeed Ahmad Al-Hussain. I come from Ahmad's side of the branch; he is brother to Mahmoud and Ali. My great grandfather is Sheikh Saeed who is brother too Sheikh Saleem.Sheikh Saleem's grave is the only thing left in al-faradiyah Sheikh Saleem treated my grandfather like a son. My grand father is Sheikh Salem.

Im glad to see more people out there who i know who i can relate to.
Posted by Bachir Badran on JANUARY-17-2005 #8205

I am from al-Farradiyya Village, my Fathers name is Mahmoud Badran (Abu Riad),
Salam to all al-Farradiyya's .
Posted by Dina Mahmoud on NOVEMBER-28-2004 #7921

Im a palestinean from this village. My grandfather's family were the Mashayekh of the village; as i was told. We originally were called the Barghouty family (Baraghty). Anyways, this is an amazing site and beautiful Pictures
Posted by DMahmoud on NOVEMBER-27-2004 #7918

Im a 25 year old, im from farradeh, my grandparents were in Shatila camp, and im in the UAE grandfather was one of the Mashayekh in the village..mashallah he is still alive and remembers everything in it.
I come from Mahmoud Family.....who were Mashayekh il balad.
Posted by abed on MARCH-29-2004 #6389

Hello there
i am abed alkader shames,also i am palestinian from farradyye,but i m refugee in baddawi camp in the north of lebanon i have 23 yers old and,
Posted by alasmar on NOVEMBER-4-2003 #5080

السلام عليكم
انا فلسطيني من قرية فراضية
انا حاليا من سكان لبنان
مخيم نهر البارد
عمري 23 سنة
انا من عيلة ساره
اسمي صالح غازي محمد قاسم ساره

am palestinan from farriadia
but now am in lebanon
in nahar el bared camp
am 23 years old
my total name is saleh qasi mohammad kasem sara
Posted by Khalil Assi on AUGUST-19-2001 #658

Thanks for the palestineremembered group. It is a great work and all of us have to do something and contribute to the progress of this work.
Posted by Zed Alison on JULY-19-2001 #543

Many thanks to the Webmaster of Palestine remembered.
This site might be the best way for communicating with our villagers and Palestinian brothers.

To any one of Al-Farradiya who sees this site, please send me an email on the following address: