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Posted by Ahmad on APRIL-18-2012 #143289

لسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته..اود ان اشكركم على المجهود الرائع المبذول في موقعكم الغني بالمعلومات.وهذا ما شجعني ان اراسلكم لأستفسر عن ما تبقى لارض اجدادي في فلسطين .لدي ملكية ارض وهي من الدولة العثمانية وكذلك وثيقة اخرى من ابان الانتداب البريطاني لفلسطين . موقع الارض هو :صفد -الحسينية ارض الطراوية.يحدها شمالا طريق وجنوبا وادي الوقاص شرقا اولاد محمد على المكي وغربا صالح بن حسن .المالك السابق هو عمر الجيلاني وهي عبارة عن 24 دونم.الوثيقة منذ عام 1923. كيف استطيع ان اعرف الموقع على الخريطة وهل هناك مرجع ان اردت ان اعرف شيئا عن عائلة جدي او ان كان هناك اقرباء لي في فلسطين .علما ان اصلي من الجزائريين الذين قدموا الى فلسطين . ولكم جزيل الشكر
Posted by Mohamed on FEBRUARY-11-2007 #13710

well thank you for signing the guest book
i did like the idea of the village name was derived for your duaghter's husband's grandfather
but i don't think that this piece of infirmation was that accurate
kind regards to all palestinian people everywhere and anywhere especially form this village
Posted by Jeanne Hart on OCTOBER-15-2002 #3247

I am an Australian but I have always been interestedfor many years in what happened to the Palestinians and have read widely on the subject. I came to the conclusion that this has been one of the most ugly crimes that have been committed by one people against another over the last century. The Americans have it in their power to do something about this but in my opinion they are just as guilty as the Israelis because of their one sided support for them. There will never be peace in the middle east until some justice is given to the Palestinians. Two years ago my daughter married Hussein Amar, a Palestinian from Lebanon. His grandfather came from the village of al-Husayniyya (it is named after him). I am pleased to see you have it on your website and also to see the photos of the remains of the village.