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Posted by Ora Armoni on APRIL-28-2010 #110830

I search every peace of information about the people who lived in the Arab village al-Malikiyya before 15/5/1948.
I will be very happy to contact somebody whose family lived in this place.
I am an author. I live in Malkiya, and I intend to write a book concerning the past, present time and future (I hope a good peacful one) of this peace of land.
Ora Armoni
Posted by عمر on MARCH-29-2010 #108188

ولك يا عمي فكونا ما عندكو دين والله
كل يوم من مطرح يوم لبنانيي ويوم حورانة ويوم فلسطينيي
حسب الهوا
وانتو بالاصل نصكو من صفد والمحافظات المجاورة
هظا انا عمر عيسى

احنا واحنا واحنا
لا حولا ولا قوة الا بالله وخلص
Posted by Solomon Hussein Marni on NOVEMBER-18-2007 #23756

Wonderful site. I wish a little more was available on this historic town whos residents took refuge after 1948 in aytaroun,ainata and kowneen becoming one with its inhabitants.
Posted by Ali Hussein on APRIL-26-2006 #10705

To arieh

I will first pay my respect and tribute to the maker of this site. It is really a graet job. A bout AL-Malikiyya battle you can take a look at:
Posted by arieh on MARCH-16-2005 #8510

i am a reporter for The Jerusalem Post. i am working on a story about the battle for malkiya on May 15, 1948. and would like to speak to someone who may have been in the village at the time, or came later. please contact me urgently.