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Posted by issam mattar on SEPTEMBER-22-2007 #20740

i am very happy that there is a site on palestine so my parents born in this village hope from mr khalidi to get more information about al-mansura ......issam toufic mattar....
Posted by fawaz11 on DECEMBER-3-2003 #5269
Posted by louy on JULY-12-2002 #2594

I really like this information about my village in palestian that makes the connection between the past and the persent. It gives us a hope to continue digging for the burried truth.
Any way, Whatever happenned we will continue to hope that we can go back one day to live their in peace. We hope that all this war to be gone, and start a new life with the name of brotherhood, because war will get us no where except back in history and cemetries.
I really hope that we start looking to the future with pride eyes, and try to built our homes with the leaves of olive tree.