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Posted by Yusha'a on OCTOBER-7-2007 #21335

Thank Allah, i thought that i am the only one with the name of yusha. turns out there are others. i feel very proud to have a name of one of the Nabi and a name that have been said not only in the Al-Quran, but also in the Injil and Torah.
Posted by Yusha on MAY-17-2007 #15933

Hello, my name is Yusha too. I'm muslim and from Mauritius. It feels great to know about the messenger Yusha.
Posted by steve nabi on JANUARY-12-2004 #5475

i am a Nabi from the USA. my fathers parents were from the island of Rhodos of Turkey. We can find very little about our heritage. Both my father and grandfather had the name of HALIL NABI, as did my older brother. All have passed away since.
Posted by hammad on SEPTEMBER-8-2002 #2998

May ALlah (SWT) be with the people of Al-Nabi Yusha.' I think that more Muslims should be taught about what happened in AL-Nabi Yusha' Here in AMerica we never hear about AL-Nabi Yusha' because the Jews control the media. I am now very curious to find out more about this village.
Posted by hamdan on JULY-4-2002 #2406

Posted by Yusha Duarte on MARCH-22-2002 #1489

I am also named Yusha by my mother after the al-Nabi Yusha. I am proud of who i am and who al-Nabi Yusha was and still is the heart of his people. I say again i am a proud SOuth African muslim named Ysuha.
Posted by Yusha on NOVEMBER-1-2001 #887

I am a muslim from india.I was named Yusha by my grandmother.No one told me wht my name meant or who was i named after.I was only told that i was named after a Nabi.
As i type this I have a feeling of satisfaction.And i also share my feeling with the people of al-Nabi Yusha.I wish i could live up to that name.