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al-Ras al-Ahmar - الرأس الأحمر : صوره يد على احد جدران المدرسة
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al-Ras al-Ahmar - الرأس الأحمر : صوره يد على احد جدران المدرسة

Posted by Raneen G. Uploaded on January 16, 2008
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Posted by s haleem on March 27, 2012 #142776

Correction on the previous comment------The maiden name of the subject whose hand print is pictured Is........
Somaya Salah Yassin. For details and mor info, please email inquiries to
Posted by samir haleem on March 27, 2012 #142774

This is my mothers hand imprint. It was made when she was around six years old. Both of my parents were living with my grandparents and family when they were forced out of their homes in 1948. My mothers' maiden name is Somaya abdel Yassin
Posted by haytham abd yassin on February 9, 2010 #103235

هذه المدرسة كانت منزل صالح ياسين ابو صاطي وهذه يد سميه ياسين