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Posted by زنغري من سوريا on AUGUST-24-2009 #87184

السلام عليكم
كيفكم جميعا
انا جمال من عشيرة الزنغرية في سوريا مقيم في المانيا احمل الجنسية الالمانية نفسي اتعرف على اقربائنا الزنغرية في الداخل وزيارتهم باسرع وقت او اهلا فيكم في المانيا باي لحظة

لكم الف بوسة ودعوة بالصحة والسلامة
يرجى المراسلة
Posted by hussein on MARCH-18-2009 #71266

السلام عليكم
انا من ابناء عشيرة الزنغرية وتحياتي لكل اقربائي
Posted by Omar Faris on FEBRUARY-15-2006 #10321

Iam from al-Zanghariyya , Living now in Poland this year Iwoud like to visit may country..please Tarek contact mi
Iam the author of
Posted by T.K on NOVEMBER-15-2001 #960

Dear Hossam:
Its me again tarek!!! really I'm so happy that one of al-Zanghariyya people read my massage. Can I have your email so I can send you emails.
Second can you tell me more information about you & about all of Arab el-Zangaria in Syria too!!!!!
Posted by Hossam Kasem on NOVEMBER-11-2001 #928

It's nice to have such a nice website about my country where I can to visit and discover new locations.

Thanks to all people who participated in this site.
Posted by Hossam Kasem on NOVEMBER-11-2001 #927

Hello Tareq:
I am from your village Al-Zanghariyya living in Syria and I hope you post on the website pictures for the most important views in our village.

Posted by Tarek on JULY-19-2001 #541

Dear All:
I'm so happy to visit this website. My name is Tarek Zangharia and I currently live in what left of Zangharia village in occupied Palestine.
You've posted the right information about my village. I know that most Zangharia refugees are in Syria now! so i will be so happy if you help me to get more information about them!

Really its very good web site!! thank you so much!