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Historical Importance of Hittin
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Walid Al Khalidi on April 28, 2001
HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE OF HITTIN Walid Mohammad Al Khatib Al Khalidi The village of Hittin lies on the Northern slope of a small rocky mountain, which forms part of the volcanic zone surrounding Lake Tiberius. This mountain is crowned with two very near peaks called "Koroun Hittin" and is called, since the time of Jesus Christ, as the "Mountain of Beatitudes". This is the place where Master Jesus Christ, while standing on the top of the Eastern peak and surrounded by hundreds of faith followers coming from different parts of Galilee, has given a very important sequence of teachings known under the name of "The Mountain Oration" or "Discours sur la Montagne". These teachings consisted of what is known as "The Eight Beatitudes" which form a complete programme of Christian life. "Koroun Hittin" is also the place where the troops of Saladin conquered the Crusades headed by King Guy de Lusignan, on 04 July 1187, in the famous Hittin Battle. To the West of the Eastern peak, and within its immediate vicinity, Saladin erected his tent at the end of the battle. The tent was thereafter filled with the royal captives, being invited for a cold drink (including Guy de Lusignan) where Saladin chopped the head of Renaud de Chatillon. It is known that the village was not inhabited at that time due to the fact that it has been evacuated from its inhabitants since the first Crusade in 1098. In 1187, Saladin brought the Imam family from Safad and delivered them the Keys of the known prophet Shu'ayb Tomb that lies in the western part of the village. Thereafter, the village was again inhabited and its population increased towards 1948. The famous Hittin mosque which appears in most photos of the village was also built according to a Saladin's will, where it has been inaugurated in 1192. Leaving "Koroun Hittin" to the North-East, for a short distance, one is encountered by a number of rocky basalt blocks which indicate the place where seven bread loafs and two fish were greatly multiplied, in the famous Jesus miracle: "Multiplication of Bread" or "Multiplication de Sept Pains", to be enough for nurturing hundreds of Jesus faith followers. The place is known as "Hejaret El-Nasara". Reference: Translated and condensed from Des Professeurs de N.-D. de France. La Palestine. Guide Historique et Pratique, avec Cartes et plans nouveaux. France: Paris, 1904. 29 April 2001

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