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Terror in Lubya in 1939 By Tom Segev
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on November 15, 2001

According to Nachum Shadmi, a [Haganah] unit commander, the Special Operations Units were established to strike at Arabs who had killed Jews, but also at the British Administration and at Jewish informers and traitors. He describes one operation in the Arab village of Lubia in the upper Galilee. The unit's men sneaked into the village at night, silently, in tennis shoes, pouring gasoline behind them to keep dogs from tracking them. Once in the village, they chose a house with it lights on. They peered in and saw three men and two women seated around a dead body laid out on the floor. The unit's men fired their weapons into the room through the window. One member of this unit, Yigal Allon, would go to become a famous Israeli soldier and politicians. There had been children in the house, it turned out. Three people were killed, two men and a woman, and three were wounded, including two-year-old boy and ten-year-old girl. (One Palestine Complete, p. 386-387) 


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