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Samakh - سمخ : Ahmada Turaani Shop In The Center Of Samakh Before Occupation
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Samakh - سمخ : Ahmada Turaani Shop In The Center Of Samakh Before Occupation

Posted by نايف مصطفى الترعاني Uploaded on June 21, 2001
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Posted by ابن فلسطين on February 3, 2011 #130105

فعلا صورة في غاية الجمال والروعة..تحتاج الى فنان ليعيد رسمها بالألوان الزيتية لتبقى شاهدة على أفعال اليهود وما فعلوه بالحياة التي كانت تنبض في بلدة سمخ.
مني لكل أهل سمخ أجمل وأرق تحية أينما كانو وأينما تواجدوا.
Posted by Yonat on November 26, 2010 #126753

Salam. Firstly, I would like to say sorry to the people who have any relation to Samakh, for the suffering and for being expelled from their homes by my people. I read Yahya Yakhlif's beautiful book, A Lake Beyond The Wind, which oppened my eyes to the cruel reality and the fate of the Palestinian people. Secondly, I am a painter and for a while now have been focusing my attention on this photograph. I would like to know, please, when was it taken? Any other details relating to this photo will be much appriciated. I would like to wish for the two people, Palestinians and Israelies to live together in a normal, peaceful way. I believe it is possible, but aware that there is a lot of work to be done. One important step is for Israelis to acknowledge the catastrophy of 1948 for the Palestinians. Thank you. Yonat