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Posted by ابوبشار on MARCH-20-2014 #154001

انا من خربة مزقة قرب حطين (مزقة حطين) ولدت في لبنان حيث اسكن حاليا بحاجة الى صور فيديو لخربة مزقة و المنطقة المحيطةبها ولكم الشكر سلفا
Posted by بشير on JANUARY-18-2008 #27395

انا من سكان هذه البلد وادي الحمام وانا اتمنى ان اجتمع او اتواصل مع من سكنها مسبقا فاذا وجدني فاليضفني على الايميل الخاص بي وسارد عليه شكرا ...
Posted by Hossein on MARCH-17-2005 #8515

Salam, the site's name is really touching. God be with you.
Posted by Bachar Khamis on MAY-28-2001 #212

My name is Bachar Khamis, born in Lebanon, and orginally from Wadi el-Hamam. My father was born there and all our family too, however they were all ethnically cleansed from our town in 1948.
Currently, I live in Sweden, & I wounder if there is still somebody who is living in that area, like beduiene from AL-WHEB clan. I'm very interesed in knowing people who are living in that area.