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Posted by samra on NOVEMBER-21-2005 #9922

well my name too is samra and i m amazed as i have never heard this name any india.. was just surfing n thought of searching on google n land up to this website well i came to know my name's meaning is Result in urdu.... my mom kept it she read some novel n from that she kept my name.. well i luv my name coz.. its unique
Posted by Gurdip Singh Samra on OCTOBER-27-2004 #7713

What al- stand for before samra. Samra is my surname. I am citizen of India. People living there are belong to SAMRA.
Posted by Said Abou Samra on JANUARY-5-2003 #3596

As much as my great,great grand parents were born and raised in Damascus in Syria, I wonder if my family came originaly from Al-Samra.