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al-Jalama - الجلمة : view from Palestine Police Post February 1948
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al-Jalama - الجلمة : view from Palestine Police Post  February  1948

Posted by Robert McCann Uploaded on July 25, 2003
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Posted by etuk on May 25, 2010 #113503

My Father in Law, William R Horner [known as Jim] has confirmed that this photo shows the camp in the foreground and the Jenin Police station [known as a Taggart after the chap who designed them] is visible in the middle distance, just right of centre. Dad was stationed there as a BC from 1945 - 48.
He was told [while there] that the camp had previously been used for Polish female POW's.
Posted by Frank Adam on January 4, 2010 #99869

According to Ed Horne's history of the PP, "A Job Well Done," this camp site was first used by German units in WW I. In WW II it was used by the ATS then given over to the PP Mobile Force in 1944 as a base and training depot. PPMF had to be wound up in 1946 because so many UK constables had not had leave since 1939 and the PPMF men were needed to fill other slots. The Jenin camp continued to be the training base for UK personnel the 1000 conscript National Servicemen who served in 1946 -48 till 1947 while Palestine Arab and Jewish police continued training at Mt Scopus in North Jerusalem.
I have see photos of German air force personnel in WW I using transport of their own making along the Jezreel railway - a rail "flat" with aero engine and pusher prop - and there is or was a stone small "pylon" monument to German WW I presence in the area.
Given in 1948 the Jordanian government established the original refugee camps on existing government sites: army and jail labour camps; it is probable that all the above are now under the buildiing development still labelled Jenin Refugee Camp.
Posted by James Barker on August 1, 2008 #47794

The photograph may show the Palestine Police depot at Jenin, home to the Police Mobile Force (PMF) from 1943 to 1945.