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Newly Shared Data

  1. New picture for Samakh, al-Hamma, and Saffuriyya
    July 15th, 2003
  2. Visiting Umm Khalid once again, click here to read a moving story about a refugee's visit to her home.
    July 13th, 2003
  3. Many new pictures for Suhmata and Dayr al-Qasi in Acre District, 'Akbara in Safad City in Safad District
    May 17th, 2003
  4. Right of Return march to Umm-al-Zinat in Haifa district.
    May 9th, 2003
  5. Several new pictures for al-Damun, al-Zeeb, Kafr 'Inan, and Kuwaykat in Akka district.
    April 3, 2003
  6. Several new pictures for Safsaf, Mirun, 'Ayn al-Zaytun, 'Alma, al-Farradiyya, & Taytaba in Safad district including Safad City.
    March 25, 2003
  7. Several new pictures for Hittin and al-Wa'ra-al-Sawda' in Tiberias district.
    March 23, 2003
  8. Couple of new pictures for al-Manshiyya,  just outside Akka city
    October 25, 2002
  9. More pictures have been uploaded for 'Ajjur and Safsaf
    October 5, 2002
  10. Another eyewitness account of Safsaf's Massacre, click here for details.
    October 3, 2002
  11. Detailed account of life before Nakba in Lubya, click here for more info.
    August 1, 2002
  12. More pictures for 'Ayn Karim, the birth place of Hon the Baptist (Sayedna Yahya).
    June 23, 2002
  13. Ijzim (south of Haifa) during the 1948 war: forming an anthropological history through villagers accounts and army documents prepared by a Hebrew University Professor, click here for details.
    JUNE 4, 2002
  14. One or more pictures have been uploaded for the following towns: Salama, Zarnuqa, Dayr Aban, Beit Jiz, Qaqun, Kafr Lam, al-Sarafand, Khulda, Isdud, al-Farradiyya, al-Muzayri'a, Ijzim, and Bayt Nabala.
    JUNE 1, 2002
  15. More exciting new pictures for al-Walaja (West of Jerusalem)
    APRIL 23, 2002
  16. We have added another exciting new section t expose the facade of democracy in the "Jewish state,", click here for details.
    APRIL 22, 2002
  17. An Israel friend to the website uploaded few good pictures to Miska & al-Muzeira.
    APRIL, 20, 2002
  18. Few new pictures and a story to al-Birwa, the hometown of Mahmoud Darwish.
    APRIL 13, 2002
  19. NEW pictures for Majdal Yaba, and even more pictures to 'Imwas.
    MARCH 13, 2002
  20. Few new pictures to Palestinian Arab 'Atlit.
    MARCH 10, 2002
  21. In "ONLY" democracy in the Middle East where dead Palestinians be could used as be trophies, click here for details.
    FEBRUARY 22, 2002
  22. Over 40 NEW picture has been uploaded to Lydda, click here to get started.
    FEBRUARY 5, 2002
  23. Cleansing Jaffa, a different perspective, click here for details.
    JANUARY 20, 2002
  24. NEW pictures has been uploaded to al-Lajjun (northeast of Jinin) and to Sha'ab (west of Acre).
    DECEMBER 24, 2001
  25. "The Origins And Evolution Of The Palestine Problem, 1917-1947" by the United Nations. An unbiased way to know how the conflict evolved in DETAILS.
    DECEMBER 17, 2001
  26. Looting, Looting, & MORE LOOTING. Based on declassified Israelis documents, a detail account of looting Palestine and its people. Click here for details.
    NOVEMBER 23, 2001
  27. Expulsion of the Palestinians re-examined By Le Monde online, click here for details.
    NOVEMBER 16, 2001 
  28. "The Camera, The Picture, & The Scene" by Mahmoud Darwish.
    NOVEMBER 1, 2001 
  29. "Twelve Conventional lies" By Uri Avnery, click here for details
    OCTOBER 23, 2001 
  30. We have created to a NEW section called Famous Zionist Quotes where you can find LOTS of incriminating quotes spoken or written by many Zionists leaders, click here for details.
    OCTOBER 23, 2001 
  31. We have developed two flier templates to help you promote the website in your community, click here for more info.
    OCTOBER 10, 2001
  32. Since Palestine formed the land bridge between Asia and Africa, it was a milting pot of all man kinds. The story of the Circasian worriers (Sharkas) who made Palestine their home after their forcible exile by Muhammad Ali of Egypt in the early 19th century. Click here for a detailed history of the PROUD Palestinians of Umm al-Faraj.
    OCTOBER 8, 2001
  33. al-Zeeb located 14 km north of Acre now has new pictures showing its remaining structures after 44 year since al-Nakba.
    OCTOBER 8, 2001
  34. The story of Saffuriya's ethnically cleansed refugees exposed, click here for detailed account.
    OCTOBER 1, 2001
  35. The FIRST Palestinian Land Deed to be uploaded for a Palestinian LOOTED lands. Barabara, the home town of the martyr Kamal 'Udwan.
    SEPTEMBER 30, 2001
  36. The Birth Of The Palestinian Refugee Problem, a brief introduction to this complex problem.
    SEPTEMBER 9, 2001
  37. Tantura Massacre exposed: 21 eyewitness testimonies of war crimes against humanity
    SEPTEMBER 8, 2001
  38. Next time you hear that Palestine was empty until the Zionist investments started, point them to this detail study.
    SEPTEMBER 8, 2001
  39. 'Ayn Hawd south of Haifa now has even more recent pictures than before, enjoy.
    SEPTEMBER 5, 2001
  40. In Arabic, the battles for Jaffa, Haifa, Safad, and al-Qastal during the 1948 war were all scanned from al-Nakba by 'Aref al-'Aref.
  41. Palestinian Right Of Return by Dr. Salman Abu Sitta, one of the most compressive studies regarding this subject.
  42. Zionists Frequently Asked Questions section has been updated with additional new material. This section is a MUST READ by Zionists and anti-Zionists alike.
  43. Zionism and its Impact. Great way to introduce beginners for the affects of Zionism on the Palestinian people.
  44. Beersheba has been posted with new exciting pictures, more material concerning the city's history will be posted soon.
  45. More pictures of  Safsaf (nearby Safad) were posted from Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
  46. Would you like to know how it feels like being a refugee, a new story from al-Mansi, southeast of Haifa depicts the agony of being refugees always on the run.
  47. Tiret Haifa now has a collection of new pictures. 
  48. A personal story of how its like being on the road as a refugee, al-Wa'ra-al-Sawda' (north of Tiberias).
  49. Please pay attention to the newly installed banner at most web pages. These new banners are meant to ATTRACT your attention to the most frequently visited pages in our website. These banners are not for advertisement purposes.
  50. Many listed towns have received one or more rare pictures before occupation, to name a few: Dayr al-Qasi, Bayt Dajan, Suba, Dayr Aban, Safsaf, Bayt Nattif, Dayr al-Hawa, Dayr al-Shaykh, 'Aqir, Salbit, Zarnuqa, Sakhnin, Samakh, and more.
  51. We have added two new section to the website: the 1st is Poems Remembering Palestine and  the 2nd is Zionists Frequently Asked Questions. The last section is a MUST read section for both Zionists and anti-Zionists a like. Your feedback is critically for the success of these two new sections.
  52. Extremely rare official map showing the agricultural & built-up areas of Yibna & al-Qubayba before destruction.
  53. After 53 years of cleansing al-Shaykh-Muwannis (modern day Tel Aviv University), few pictures depicting All That Remains of our village.
  54. Brief history of the battle for Safsaf (nearby Safad) and NAME LISTENING of all its massacre victims/martyrs. Click here for more details.
    Posted on MAY 28, 2001
  55. Pictures of 'Ayn Hawd (south of Haifa) before & after occupation. The village was occupied & looted by Israeli Jewish Artists and in 1954 it was converted to an artist colony.
    Posted on MAY 26, 2001
  56. Badil organization uploaded several new pictures for Zakariyya & Bayt Jibrin in the Hebron district. Field trip was organized to commemorate the 52 anniversary of al-Nakba.
    Posted on MAY 22, 2001
  57. We have upgraded the system to include a Message Board (or Chat Room) to each listed town. You may use the new service to make a corner (or Zawyah) for your clan, or to post any question you like others to read.
    Posted on APRIL-27-2001
  58. Many of the listed towns are now linked to there Arabic posting at PalGates. We hope such service will give more information to our visitors.
    Posted on APRIL-24-2001
  59. Witness the destruction of 'Imwas/Emmous, located Southeast of Ramla. Rare pictures have been bought from an Israeli soldier to expose the Zionist crimes against humanity.
    Posted on MARCH-25-2001
  60. Sabbarin (South of Haifa) & Yazur (East Of Jaffa) now has couple of old pictures captured of before & after destruction.
    Posted on APRIL-30-2001
  61. Rare new & old pictures of Tarshiha, Acre. Some of the pictures were captured soon after occupation.
    Posted on APRIL-08-2001
  62. Hitten & its ancient history, click here for more details.
    Posted on APRIL-28-2001
  63. Educate yourself about the location of Intel's FAB 18 factory in Israel. Make sure you read the related posted documents.
    Posted on OCTOBER-20-2000
  64. Have you heard of Safsaf nearby Safad. Make sure you read the well documented eyewitness account of Safaf's massacre.
    Posted on APRIL-25-2001
  65. Visit the ruins (Atlal) of Lubya, Tibrias. Another evidence of the Zionists crimes against humanity.
    Posted on MARCH-15-2001
  66. The ethnically cleansed destroyed village of Taytaba, Safad now has few good pictures depicting the crime.
    Posted on JANUARY-13-2001
  67. See for yourself the remaining structure of Bayt Nabala, al-Ramla. Make sure also you read the document posted in the links.
    Posted on APRIL-12-2001
  68. Tantura massacre, have you heard of it. If you didn't, read this document (requires Acrobat PDF reader) which has the listing of at least 10 eyewitness accounts.
    Posted on FEB-14-2001
  69. Cleansing Jaffa, the Bride Of Palestine. Read this details eyewitness account.
    Posted on NOVEMBER-29-2000
  70. The people of al-Farradiyya , nearby Safad, uploaded a picture depicting a general view of their village in 1994.
    Posted on JANUARY-03-2001
  71. For now, we have found these wonderful pictures of Safad. Gives us some time & we'll post Safad online soon.
    Posted on FEBRUARY-13-2001
  72. The most DETAIL RESEARCH on the internet for Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, al-Ramla, & al-Lydd including hundreds of pictures.
    Posted on JAN-05-2001
  73. Take the time & educate yourself about Kafr 'Ana (nearby Jaffa) & what left of it.
    Posted on JAN-20-2001
  74. Rare pictures captured while the Zionists were attacking Sa'sa, nearby Safad.
    Posted on MARCH-01-2001
  75. We have received few pictures showing the ruined remains of Qaqun, located Northwest of Tulkarm.
    Posted on JANUARY-17-2001
  76. My family's brief story as refugees and how they were FORCED OUT of Nuris (Jinin). Click here for more details.
    Posted on FEBRUARY-15-2001
  77. Those who used to live here. A STORY from al-Ghubayya al-Tahta (Haifa).
    Posted on JANUARY-27-2001
  78. The TRUE Owners Of Wadi 'Ara (Haifa). Click here for more details.
    Posted on JANUARY-2-2001
  79. Take a tour where Sayedna Yahyah (John the Baptist) was born, everything was looted in 'Ayn Karim, Jerusalem.
    Posted on JULY-02-2000
  80. Lifta, Jerusalem now has more pictures, visit it to find out.
    Posted on JAN-18-2001
  81. The FIRST complete listing of a destroyed village on the net. See Saffuriyya, Nazareth for more details .
    Posted on AUGUST-30-2000
  82. A must read stories from al-Masmiyya-al-Kabira, Gaza.
    Posted on JANUARY-12-2001
  83. The people of Nahf, East of Acre, helped uploading new images & documents about their town. See for yourself.
    Posted on OCTOBER-08-2000
  84. The Zionist terror gangs massacred the peaceful people of Dayr Yasin, however that was not enough, they looted their homes.
    Posted on AUGUST-10-2000
  85. The good people of 'Ajjur, Northeast of Hebron, sent us pictures of the crime perpetrated against them & their town.
    Posted on JANUARY-09-2001
  86. Kafr Bir'im (located Northeast of Safad) is an extremely a peaceful town. It's made up of predominantly peaceful Palestinian Christian who've got already a permission from the Israeli supreme court to rebuild their village. However, the racists Zionists in the Israeli government have different planes. Click here for more details.
    Posted on AUGUST-10-2000
  87. Visiting the ruins of Bayt Nattif (Hebron) ones again. Emotional group visit by the village refugees.
    Posted on AUGUST-13-2000
  88. Nice pictures taken for the ethnically cleansed & destroyed village of al-Bassa, North of Acre. Make sure your read the posted eyewitness account of the Zionist crimes against the peaceful people of al-Bassa.
    Posted on JULY-1-2000
  89. An emotional POEM and  few pictures from 'Ayn Ghazal, Haifa.
    Posted on JUNE-27-2000

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